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interJACtions: Monologues at the Heart of Human Nature, Volume II
Edited by JulieAnn Charest Govang

ISBN #1-60513-175-X
JAC #20

Ever need that perfect character monologue for an audition or performance? A sampling of many wonderful playwrights nationwide, interJACtions contains selections for men, women or either, and all races— but all true characters unto themselves.

Included in this collection:


  • Priorities by Roy Battocchio

  • In the Group Room by Savannah Sincoff

  • Those Last Five Pounds from “The 7th Disorder” by Rhea MacCallum

  • Perfect by Mark Lambeck

  • My Twelfth Birthday by Rhea MacCallum

  • Lupe from “Glass Cord” by Evelyn Diaz Cruz

  • Elephant by Patrick Cleary

  • Olive by Martha Patterson

  • Pulse by Stacey Lane

  • No Big Deal by William Arnold

  • Communion of Saints by Kathleen Cromie

  • Lexy’s Warnings by Ellen Chamberlin

  • Fifteen Gods from “Paper Jam: An Interoffice Romance: Body Count 9” by Michael Weems

  • Unrealistic Barbie by David H. Cohen

  • Why Me? by Roy Battocchio

  • Kim’s White House from “A Common Martyr” by Michael Weems

  • sick girl by John Michael Sefel

  • Angela by Robert Hensley

  • Introductory Remarks by Robin Pond

  • Stupid by Kevin Six

  • Nothing Wrong by Rhea MacCallum

  • Nineveh by Jennie S. Redling

  • Nobody Is Who He Seems in Hollywood by Diane Grant

  • Molly Remembers New York by Martha Patterson

  • Given Up by Rhea MacCallum

  • Yes, Virginia… by David H. Cohen

  • Cuca from “Glass Cord” by Evelyn Diaz Cruz

  • Bridie Marches Down the Aisle by Margie Langston

  • To Become a Mermaid from “Evolving” by Marcina Zaccaria

  • When I Think of Her by Rhea MacCallum

  • The Spirit by Anne Flanagan

  • Eleanor Triumphant by Felix Racelis

  • Doing the Math by Arthur M. Jolly

  • Paradise Found by Katherine H. Burkman

  • A Walk in the Park by Martha Patterson

  • Little Tuffy from “Elephants” by Paul Bovino

  • Maisie Cooks by Martha Patterson

  • Comfort and Joy from “Silent Night” by Jeffrey Neuman

  • Photos of Meg by Christopher Lockheardt

  • Her Dream of Me from “Getting Back to Me” by Rhea MacCallum

  • Mother Mary Agnes from "Candledancing, the Voice of Julian of Norwich" by Coni Ciongoli-Koepfinger


  • Work It from “The 7th Disorder” by Rhea MacCallum

  • Chill Cool Mathis by Victor Bravo

  • Pictures on the Internet by Daniel Guyton

  • Neon Signs by Thomas M. Kelly

  • Momma Cried for Christmas by William Arnold

  • Waitin’ by Robin Pond

  • Above Average from “Gap” by Carol S. Lashof

  • The Hundred Dollar Hug by Stacey Lane

  • Paul’s Painted Ladies by David H. Cohen

  • Uncle Rooster’s Fall by Tami Canaday

  • The Shooter by Richard Reynolds

  • Echoes of Ireland by Brian C. Petti

  • Kicking and Screaming from "Paper Jam: An Interoffice Romance: Body Count 9" by Michael Weems

  • Not Ready from “For Art’s Sake” by Meron Langsner

  • Josh by Robert Hensley

  • Shirley from “Assisted Living” by Jeffrey Neuman

  • Sidney’s Flight from “A Common Martyr” by Michael Weems

  • Red Shoes by Jennie S. Redling

  • Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree by David H. Cohen

  • The Last Firefly by Trace Crawford

  • Mark from “Lily (or The Silver-Tongued Devil)” by Martha Patterson

  • You Have to Be Taught by David H. Cohen

  • Last Words by Leslie Bramm

  • The Body Politic from “Artemisia” by Marcina Zaccaria


  • Why Bother? by Steven Bergman

  • How do you have a conversation? by A.L. Barry

  • The Blankie by Suzanne Bailie

  • Audition Monologue by Vanessa David

  • Happy Graduation by Thomas Ferguson

  • The Voices by Thomas Ferguson

  • Limelight by Anne Flanagan

  • Gifts by John Michael Sefel

  • Award-Winning Monologue from “Award-Winning Entry” by Jeffrey Neuman

  • Julius’ Cake, originally Julius’ monologue from “Paper Jam: An Interoffice Romance: Body Count 9” by Michael Weems

  • Not Too Late by JulieAnn Charest Govang

  • The Entry by Robert Patrick


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Playwright Biographies

Connecticut's WILLIAM ARNOLD was trained as an actor, but due to his habit of rewriting his lines, was told that he should write his own stuff. Primarily considered a composer, Bill dabbles in straight plays when the mood takes him. ABC: A Bureaucratic Comedy was his first play (published with JAC) and since then, he has written two full-length musicals: Lint! The Musical (with Scott Auden) and Night of the Musical Dead (both produced at the Hole in the Wall Theater, New Britain. In his spare time, he edits Shakespeare's plays such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Richard III (also published thru JAC), due to his belief that "brevity is the soul of wit". His newest play, Attack of the Space Nymphos from Uranus will premiere in January, 2013.  He is the lead guitarist for The Rude Mechanicals, whose Irish-themed song, “As God Is My Witness (I’ll Never Drink Again)” has seen brisk sales on iTunes every year around St. Patrick’s Day. Arnold lives with his wife, Barbara, and their daughter, Frances. 

SUZANNE BAILIE has a Masters Degree in Education and frequently works with children but tries not to make it a habit.  She is an active member of the Dramatist Guild and the Seattle Playwrights Studio. Her works have been performed throughout the U.S., England and South America. Suzanne enjoys abstract oil painting, playing her ukulele, and drinking strong coffee. If she isn’t writing she is creating experimental mixed media art projects.

A.L. BARRY has been a features writer, columnist, and theater reviewer for more than 25 years. She is a member of the Connecticut Critics Circle. She is also a member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and has won eight First Place Awards for “Excellence in Journalism.” Barry is the author of A Child's Grief Journey, a picture book to help young children cope with the death of a parent. It was selected as one of the best five books for 1999 by Education World.  She is also a Hospice-trained bereavement counselor and facilitates expressive arts workshops.

ROY BATTOCCHIO’s Thicker Than Water was originally produced  in 2000 at Theatre West in Los Angeles and again in 2004 at The Long Beach Playhouse.  It also received a staged reading at the Coronet Theatre starring Doris Roberts, and was published by JAC Publishing in August, 2010.  His sequel to Thicker, entitled, Dead Wrong was produced in 2007 at The Long Beach (CA) Playhouse.  The play was also honored by being accepted into the (Eileen) Heckert Senior Drama Collection at Ohio State University.  His one-act Crass Reunion was winner of the Ellen Idelson Competition at Theatre West in 2007.  His comedy Leap Year was a finalist the 2007 Secret Rose Theatre 10-Minute Festival.  His one-act Burials By Bernard is scheduled for a Theatre West production. Roy has written for a number of television programs including, “Love Boat” and “The New Hollywood Squares” where he was head-writer.  His humorous essays and light-verse have been carried in McCall’s, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping and The Los Angeles Times, Valley Magazine and The Daily News.  He is a member of The Alliance of Los Angeles Playwright (ALAP), The Writer’s Guild, The Dramatists Guild and the Automobile Club.

STEVEN BERGMAN’s JAC plays include Cutting the Leash, Lockdown, One Afternoon in Smithfield, The Guy Chair and Grieving Process.  Other published plays include History, At the Buzzer and Rosie, the Teddy Bear (Brooklyn Publishers), Marvin and Julius and Have a Seat, Please (Heuer Publishing). Also a composer, Steven’s works include Animal Farm (from Orwell), The Curse is Reversed!  (www.bambinomusical.com), Jack The Ripper: The Whitechapel Musical, Four Kisses, and scores for Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, and Wilson’s Book of Days.  For young audiences, Steven has adaptations of Tom and Huck (Lazy Bee Scripts), Tatterhood, (a Swedish folktale), King Midas and his Friends (co-written with Peggy Traktman), The Pied Piper (co-written with Christopher DiGrazia & Earl Maulding), and Rumplestiltskin. As a Musical Director, Steven’s history includes Spring Awakening (F.U.D.G.E. Theatre - IRNE Winner), [title of show] (ACME Theater - DASH Winner), Adding Machine (Speakeasy Stage - IRNE nomination), Disney's Beauty and the Beast (New Bedford Festival Theatre, Wheelock Family Theatre), Das Barbecü (New Repertory Theatre), …Forum (American Stage Festival), the New England premieres of The Gig and When Pigs Fly (Lyric Stage Company), Personals and Tomfoolery (Actors Playhouse), Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill, The Fantasticks, Pump Boys and Dinettes, Something's Afoot, Pirates of Penzance and Smoke On The Mountain (Worcester Foothills), plus readings of many new musicals. He is a member of NAfME, MTA and Theatre Communications Group, and teaches Drama and Music in the Littleton (MA) Public Schools.  Visit him online at www.everydayaholiday.net.

“I write, therefore I am (I think).”  Overlapping careers in education, photography, entertainment and equestrianism, was writing. PAUL BOVINO wrote continuously for years, and eventually realizing that someone else might like to see and enjoy what he had to say through his stories, characters, experiences, and observations; Thus, the birth of Books by Bovino.  A native Staten Islander, he made his home in Southern California’s since 1971.  A former school teacher, photographer and actor, he currently puts most of his energy into his writing and his horses. His titles include, The Wedding According to Paul— the wedding planner from the wedding photographer who has seen it all, Something for the Subway, Dominick and Angelo—The Flip Side, and Hoots and Grunts. His stage plays include: Two Aside, Elephants, Sittin' Pretty, Gino of the Lamp and Suite 145.   Bovino’s books are available through all major bookseller websites.  Plays are available for lease through Lazy Bee publishing in the U.K.

LESLIE BRAMM is an award-winning playwright and the author of 14 plays which have been produced, workshopped and/or developed by Three Crows Theatre, The Present Company, Penobscot Theatre, The Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, The Gold Coast Theatre (Australia), Colorado Fine Arts Center, Nicu’s Spoon,  Emerging  Artists Theatre, The Edward Albee Last Frontier Conference,  Rattle Stick, Reverie Productions, Playwrights Horizons/Tisch, and Shelter Theatre Group, to name a few. He co-wrote the screen play This is Not Here with actor Kevin Corrigan, based on the memoir The Last Days of John Lennon. Thru JAC, Bramm has published the full-length Oswald's Backyard, McNaughtin & Son, and the one-acts Big Ball and Island of Repair.  Bramm is a member of the Present Company’s Pool, Variations Theatre Group, The League of Independent Theatres and the Dramatist Guild.

VICTOR BRAVO’s short drama The Man with the Briefcase received an Honorable  Mention in a one-act play contest sponsored by FirstStage in Los Angeles in 2009.  The Ticking Woman was featured by FirstStage in their annual festival of one-act plays, Playwright’s Express in Los Angeles (2003).  His drama The Dark Parent was produced In 1997 by Attic Theatre Center, also in Los Angeles.  Excerpts were published by Smith and Kraus, Inc., in Best Women’s Monologues of 1997.  A short comedy, Darts, was produced by Circle Repertory Company in New York. A member of The Dramatists Guild, he has also written two screenplays.  View From the Rubble, a competition winner, was workshopped by Alchemy Works Productions, under the auspices of the Austin Film Festival.  He holds a M.F.A. in Drama from Trinity University in San Antonio (TX).

KATHERINE H. BURKMAN is Professor Emeritus of English from The Ohio State University.  She was Artistic Director of Women at Play, a Columbus (OH)-based group of writers who wrote and produced plays from 1994 until 2006 and now writes and performs staged readings with Wild Women Writing. She has published widely on Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter.  Her most recent publications are a book of monologues entitled I Don’t Think So: Life’s Stages by Next Stage Press (2011), and Kerouac Ascending, written by Elbert Lenrow which she edited.  Forthcoming is a series of short plays on love entitled For the Love Of…. 

TAMI CANADAY’s plays have been produced by The Changing Scene, The LIDA Project, the New York Fringe Festival, Source Theatre, Buckham Alley Theatre, The Luminous Group Theatre Company, New York Artists Unlimited, and the Kyoryukan Performance Hall among others. A medley of scenes, plays, and monologues of her work have been published by Meriwether Publishing, Smith & Kraus, OAPD, and The Good Ear Review. She has been a finalist with the Western Playwrights Showcase, The Colorado Women's Playwrights Festival, and the Sonoma County Repertory Theatre. She served as dramaturge and contributing writer for the piece, Bingo Boyz: Columbine, which received The Denver Post Ovation Award for best new work. Recently, a commissioned political piece by Denver's Countdown to Zero, Uncle Rooster, was performed in Denver.

CONI CIONGOLI-KOEPFINGER believes that creative energy is never lost… it just changes hands, hearts and minds. She holds an MA from Carnegie Mellon University and BA in Theatre Arts. In addition to writing plays, art theory and course curriculum, Koepfinger teaches composition, literature, and theatre courses at various universities.  Her recently published play Candledancing was originally produced in 1999 with British composer, Robert Hugill. Following that collaboration, their operetta, Garrett got raves in Opera News in 2001 for its performance at Hoxton Hall, London. A Post-Gazette review of her play Sideshow compared her thematic style to Twilight Zone’s master, Rod Serling.  Koepfinger has received awards from the Pittsburgh Foundation and Heinz Multicultural Arts Initiative and was named in Pittsburgh Magazine’s Excellence in the Arts Awards.  Although, Koepfinger resides in Pittsburgh, most of her avant-garde work follows her spirit, which has thrived in New York City for the last twenty years. Other productions include Coffeehouse Magik at Brooklyn’s Museum of Sound Recording, and Garrett, the Blue Giraffe at the Bay Area Festival in Sonoma. Her children’s plays, Jack and the Talkback Beanstalk and Rudolph’s Big Secret were named the most produced by its publisher Dramasource. Most recently, her piece The Guardian won acceptance into the 2009 Mother Daughter Monologues by the International Center for Women Playwrights.  Koepfinger is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, League of Professional Theatre Women / LPTW, and a Board Member of the International Center for Women Playwrights / ICWP.

JULIEANN CHAREST GOVANG has been involved in theatre and the arts for nearly four decades. She has been seen onstage performing throughout Massachusetts, and has also enjoyed a very positive directing career in the region.  In recent years, JulieAnn has extended her theatrical reach to writing/adapting plays to suit the students in her classes at Concord Youth Theatre.  She has also taken on directing the dramatic activities at Ayer-Shirley Regional High School. JulieAnn’s adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol: A Radio Play was adapted for a fundraiser for her school's Spring show, but she has her eyes on a few other books she hopes to adapt to make available for other schools and youth groups.

Wakefield (MA) playwright PATRICK CLEARY’s one-act plays have been produced at the Boston Theater Marathon, Playwright’s Platform, the 10X10 in the Triangle in Raleigh, North Carolina, and other festivals around the country. His full-length play, Parthenogenesis, was work-shopped at the Snapple Theatre in New York, featuring Janet Carroll (Risky Business, Memories of Me). Patrick often stages his own works at community theaters near his home and likes to produce and direct the works of fellow playwrights in the area.

Artistic Director of The Studio Upstairs Theatre Repertory and NYC’s Mission: Improv-able since 1989, DAVID H. COHEN regularly produces and directs in and around NYC, staging exciting original works at The American Globe Theater, The Actors Institute, The John Houseman, and myriad festivals and equity showcases, in addition to coaching and mentoring actors, writers, directors, and filmmakers for the past 25 years, many of whom currently successfully work in professional theater, television and film.  David was recently seen in Howard Brenton’s Christie in Love at the Railroad Playhouse and on its Hudson Valley Tour, is the lead in the new film Provocation, and is currently in production for film projects Follow My Voice and The Book of George. A certified teacher with the Michael Chekhov Association, David has worked with the Chekhov technique for over 15 years with master teachers from around the world, and has taught as special guest artist for The National Theater for Croatia, The Actor’s Movement Studio in NYC, numerous regional theater companies and as faculty at SUNY (State University of New York) New Paltz and SUNY Orange (Middletown & Newburgh) campuses. He is currently in production for the web series Sherwood a fractured version of the rich and much beloved Robin Hood tale. David is one of the company writers and is playing Robin Hood.

TRACE CRAWFORD’s plays have been performed around the world, including in NYC: Playhouse Creatures, Sundog Theatre, Turtle Shell, Rapscallion Theatre, BrooklynONE, Truffle Theatre, Love Creek, Between Us, GI:60. CHICAGO: Point of Contention, n.u.f.a.n. ensemble. REGIONAL: Arts Center, Askew Theatre, Black Box, Bloomington Playwrights, Carte Blanche, Chameleon Theatre, Ensemble Theatre, Fusion Theatre, Future Tenant, MadLab, Majestic, Mildred’s Umbrella, Shelterbelt, INT'L: Australia, Luxembourg, South Korea, and the UK, as well as at several universities. A Dramatist’s Guild member, three of Trace’s plays have or soon will be published.  A theatre educator since 1997, he has also organized a quarterly state-wide (OH) improvisational comedy competition for high school students since 1999.  Visit Trace online at www.tracecrawford.com.

KATHALEEN CROMIE is an American playwright with a B.S. in Film & Television from Boston University. Her plays have had readings in New York, Paris, London, and Los Angeles and have been performed in America, England, and France (in translation). She recently participated in the Fullerton College 2012 Playwrights’ Festival.  She works for Warner Music Group and as a reader for the Final Draft "Big Break" competition. She is the writer/producer for the podcast “La Resistance,” the first and only podcast on the Resistance in WWII. She is a member of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights and the Playwrights Center, and is a certified Irish whiskey taster.  Visit her online at www.kathleencromie.com.

VANESSA DAVID's plays have been produced from coast-to-coast. Resolution #9 was published by JAC. Four of her plays have been included in Smith & Kraus’s The Best Ten-Minute Plays Of… series.  Notable productions include Current Season at 13th Street Repertory Theatre, Early Dismissal produced by Nora Theatre Company for the Boston Theatre Marathon and Baby Bear Becomes a Man at both Working Theatre Collective in Portland (OR) and Bridgeport (CT) Theatre Company. Her short play Aspiration/Dream was produced by Falcon Rep for Fairfield Museum’s “Bravo!” exhibit, celebrating the history of Theatre in Connecticut. She holds a BA in Theatre Arts from Western Connecticut State University.

EVELYN DÍAZ CRUZ is an Assistant Professor of Theatre at the University of San Diego with experience in directing, acting and playwriting.  Recent projects include a full production of her award-winning play, Glass Cord Off-Off-Broadway at Teatro Latea, in New York City’s Lower East Side (May’12). Set on a rooftop in the Bronx during the searing 1970’s, Glass Cord explores myths of the maternal instinct.  Evelyn also directed a one-act, Madres por Justica, at the annual MALCS Conference (Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social) regarding the disappeared women of Ciudad Juarez.  Other work includes a workshop production of her play Besito Pa’ Ti, which documents the tumultuous life of the legendary Salsa Diva La Lupe, a bi-lingual and bi-national play Muertos, that explored issues of death and dying on the U.S. Mexico border, an original adaptation and directing of García Lorca's Yerma (a bilingual translation reset in the Latino Caribbean world) and the directing of Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. Evelyn Diaz Cruz is a recipient of the KPBS Hispanic Heritage Month Local Hero Award in the Arts for 2008.  She is also a contributing author of the book TEATRO CHICANA, U.T. Press, which received the Susan Koppelman Book Award in 2009 for Best Edited Popular and Women’s Culture.  Professor Cruz teaches courses on Playwriting, Acting, Theatre of Diversity, Theatre and Society, and a Theatre and Community course that gathers stories from the community and presents them in an evening of one-acts.  She is a member of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, Los Angeles Association of Playwrights, National Association of Latino Arts and Culture, and Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social. 

TOM FERGUSON is a playwright and teacher from Massachusetts. After graduating from Bowdoin College, he received his MFA in Theater Pedagogy from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has taught theater and written, directed, and produced many plays at the college, high school, and middle school level. He is currently a theater teacher in Winthrop (MA). He lives with his wife, Michelle, and his two children, Brady and Gemma.

ANNE FLANAGAN is a writer/actor and public school teacher.  She also works as a private investigator, which is not as exciting as one might think.  As a playwright, Anne has won a slew of awards, and her full-length comedy Artifice is available through Dramatic Publishing.  As an actor, Flanagan has extensive stage and improvisational comedy experience as well as a smattering of film and TV roles under her belt.  She is a member of The Dramatists Guild, The Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, the Screen Actors Guild, the Female Playwright's Initiative, and the Auto Club.  Visit Anne online at http://angrytimmy.com.

DIANE GRANT is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter, whose film Too Much Oregano, won the Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize. She was a co-founder of Redlight Theatre, the first professional women’s theatre in Canada, and her plays have been produced and published in the U.S., Canada, and Italy. Grant has performed at the Stratford Festival and the National Arts Centre of Canada. She was Literary Manager of the Los Angeles Write Act Repertory Company, a mentor for the young playwrights’ group HOLA, and a member of Los Angeles Wordsmiths. She’s a member of the Dramatists Guild, The Playwrights Guild of Canada, the International Center for Women Playwrights, blogs for The Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative, and is Vice-Chair of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights.

DANIEL GUYTON has won numerous writing awards, including two Kennedy Center/ACTF awards for his plays Attic and Where’s Julie?. He received his MFA in Dramatic Writing from the University of Georgia, and currently resides just south of Atlanta with his beautiful wife, two dogs and a cat. His plays have been produced around the world, including London, Iceland, LA, NY and more. His specialty is dark comedy, although he enjoys other genres as well. He is thrilled to be a member of the JAC family with "Pictures on the Internet." Visit Daniel online at www.danguyton.com.

ROBERT HENSLEY grew up in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania. One of seven children, he stood out as the "artistic" child, always drawing, writing, and playing make-believe. Robert knew from an early age that he wanted to live in the big, bad city and work with actors. Three days out of high school, Robert moved to Los Angeles, a city with which he has had a love/hate/love relationship ever since. Working in odd jobs from personal assistant to booking agent, costume designer to actor, makeup artist to producer, Robert learned his way around the entertainment industry. A knack for networking and a strong work ethic proved advantageous. Robert's first play, The Dark Sisters, which is published by JAC as part of George Larkin's The Real Stories of the Brothers Grimm, was a short adaptation of a Grimms' Brothers fairy tale for the Tres Grimm Theatre Festival, directed by Chane't Johnson at the MET Theatre. His second, Turning Out, was a full length dark comedy, which made its debut as part of the Blank Theatre's Living Room Series, directed again by Ms. Johnson. Trying a new format, Robert wrote the short film Texas Toast, also directed by Ms. Johnson with Executive Producer Alyson Fouse. The film stars Nicole Travolta, Chris Mulkey and Tucker Smallwood. Leo’s Love Story is the first short novel that Robert has written. He was inspired by the lack of lead gay characters in young adult fiction, and felt that the youth market needed to represent all children better. Robert is currently finishing a collection of short plays, Death, Life & a Creme-Filled Center. Hensley currently lives in Los Angeles, but is threatening to move to Canada.

ARTHUR M. JOLLY has been recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with a Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting. Published plays include A Gulag Mouse (Finalist 2010 Woodward/Newman Drama Award), Past Curfew, The Christmas Princess, How Blue is My Crocodile, The Four Senses of Love, What the Well Dressed Girl is Wearing and many others. His latest play, Trash was a semi-finalist of the Eugene O'Neill Conference and an official selection of the Last Frontier Theatre Conference. Jolly is represented by the Brant Rose Agency.  Upcoming productions and free monologues to download at www.arthurjolly.com.

THOMAS M. KELLY is the owner and Artistic director of the award-winning Thistle Dew Theatre, and founder of the Thistle Dew Playwright’s Workshop (www.thistle-dew.net).  Some of his plays include Zen and the Art of Making Par, Ba-Bang!, Extreme Unction, The Timekeeper, ...smile, and smile and be a villian, Paddy's Devil, Mixville, Frankie and Johnny Were Schweethawts (a musical comedy) and Poor Men are But Pawns.  Kelly’s The Butterfly Within is included in the Eileen Heckart Senior Drama Archives in the Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute at Ohio State University.

MARK LAMBECK is a resident playwright of both Manhattan-based Emerging Artists Theatre Company (EAT) and Stratford (CT)-based SquareWrights.  He has had staged readings and productions throughout Connecticut and New York including a staged reading of his Holocaust play Voices from the Ashes at The Lamb’s Theater in New York City.  Other NYC credits include productions at The Pulse Ensemble Theatre, Genesis Rep and Spotlight On Productions, among others.  His one act, Ben’s Story competed in the 2007 Samuel French one act festival, Tuna & Jack was a finalist in the 2001 American Globe Theatre’s 15-Minute Play competition, and Call Me Bernice won the 2002 Sage Theatre One Act Playwright's Award.  Lambeck’s play Lucky Day was published in a “Best of EAT” anthology by United Stages, Intervention and October People were published in a short play anthology by Smith & Kraus and his previous JAC plays are Countdown to 40 and Bus Stories.

STACEY LANE’s plays have been seen at hundreds of theatres from coast to coast in the U.S., as well as in Canada, England and Australia, and are published with JAC Publishing, Dramatic Publishing, Playscripts, Inc., Smith and Kraus, Heuer, Pioneer, the Quotable, Next Stage Press, Manhattan Theatre Source, San Luis Obispo Little Theatre, Sterling Magazine, Freshwater, Poydras Review and Scene4 Magazine.  She is the recipient of the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation Residency Grant, the Montgomery County Arts & Cultural District’s Literary Artist Fellowship, a “Charlie Award”, and a nominee for “Outstanding Playwriting for a New Script of a Play or Book of a Musical” at the Midtown International Theatre Festival. Visit Stacey online at www.StaceyLaneInk.com.

MERON LANGSNER was one of three writers in the country selected for the pilot year of the National New Play Network Emerging Playwright Residencies, fulfilling his residency at the New Repertory Theater in Boston (MA). His plays have been performed around the country and overseas and developed at venues that include the Lark New Play Development Center in NYC, New Rep, Playwrights Commons (Artist Residency at the Freedom Arts Retreat & invited participant in Playwrights Playground), the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festval, the Comparative Drama Conference, and the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez (AK), where he had the honor of returning as a featured artist.  Other Publishers of his dramatic work include Smith & Kraus, Applause Theatre Books, the Northwest Playwrights Alliance, YouthPLAYS.com, and Lamia Ink.  Meron's plays have won awards and grants from the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival, the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity, the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, and numerous other arts & theater organizations.  His scholarly work on theatre and performance has been published by McFarland, Oxford University Press, Puppetry International, The Fight Master, JAC Publishing (Bystander 9/11) and other imprints. His humor has appeared in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and his poetry has been published by bear creek haiku.  Also a professional fight director and movement specialist, Meron has composed violence for well over 100 productions and films in venues ranging from LORT theatres to professional conservatories.  He received his MFA in Playwriting from Brandeis University, and holds an MA in Performance Studies from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, and a PhD in Drama from Tufts University, where he received the Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education. He believes himself to be the first doctoral candidate in Drama to have literally defended his dissertation with a katana.  Visit Meron online at www.MeronLangsner.com.

MARGIE LANGSTON lives and works in Richmond (VA), where she is a property manager and, at one time, managed a retirement community. She studied playwriting at the University of Virginia and has been involved in local theatre for many years. Her one-act Out to Dry was a winner in the 2007 St. Tammany’s One Act Play Festival in Covington (LA), and her full-length Last Wagon West received a staged reading at the Firehouse Theatre in Richmond in 2010. Margie also writes and produces sketches for the On-the-Air Radio Players, a group that performs old-time radio shows each year for live audiences, and records them for podcasting. An hour-long audio drama, Kept in the Dark was produced by the Shoestring Radio Theatre of San Francisco in 2006. Langston's one-act Luau at Acorn Acres is published with JAC. She credits the Richmond Playwrights Forum with kick-starting her writing again after a long hiatus while raising her two amazing and creative children. 

CAROL S. LASHOF is a playwright, librettist and educator.  Her work has been broadcast on BET and NPR and has been staged at professional, college and community theatres around the world from The Magic Theatre and Woman’s Will in San Francisco to Peking University in Beijing.  Publications include Medusa's Tale in Plays in One Act, as well as Clay, The Minotaur, Options, and Persephone Underground, available from YouthPLAYS. Several monologues from Gap, a play about race, privilege and schooling in America, have appeared in anthologies published by Applause Books, Dramatic Publishing and JAC Publishing. Lashof is a member of the Dramatists Guild and the International Centre for Women Playwrights.

CHRISTOPHER LOCKHEARDT recently celebrated the 100th production of his short work. His plays have been produced by over 50 theaters around the world. Collaborating with those theaters has been the most satisfying and enjoyable part of his playwriting career. 

Born and raised in Downey (CA), RHEA MacCALLUM’s playwriting career began in high school with the award-winning one-act Hot Seat.  Her work has since been produced internationally and throughout the U.S. by Write Act Repertory, EBE Ensemble, Shelterbelt Theatre, Theatre Encino, ACME Theater Productions, Seoul Players, Cheeky Monkey Theatre Company, BoxFest Detroit, Native Aliens Theatre Collective, Women’s Theatre Project, Westbeth, FirstStage LA, HERE Arts Center, woken’glacier, and the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, South Africa.  Rhea’s plays include The 7th Disorder (Winner of TADA! Youth Theater’s 15th Annual One-Act Playwriting Contest), Resurrection for Dummies (Winner of Stormy Weather Players Pregnant Chad New Plays Festival), Independence Day (Best Drama at the LADmatters Film and Theatre Festival) and Yesterday Once More (Heideman Award finalist.)  Her work has been published by Junkets Publisher, monologueshop.com, The Inciting Incident and JAC Publishing.  Rhea was honored to participate in the 2005 Lincoln Center Directors Lab.  She is a member of the Dramatists Guild, International Centre for Women Playwrights and lifetime member of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights.  She is a graduate of USC and the Actors Studio Drama School, New School University.

JEFFREY NEUMAN is a Denver-based playwright whose work has appeared at theaters and festivals across the U.S. and United Kingdom. His plays have been recognized by the Actors Theatre of Louisville, Emerging Artists Theatre Company, the New York Innovative Theatre Awards and the Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival, among others. He was a finalist for the 2012 Heideman Award and recently published Modern Goddesses: Two Short Plays of Mythic Proportions with JAC Publishing & Promotions. As a director and dramaturg, he has worked for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. He has presented professional papers for the American Alliance of Theatre Education, the Association for Theater in Higher Education, and the American Music Research Center. In 2009, his original research was acknowledged in the book Kander and Ebb, an installment in the Yale University Press Broadway Masters series. Jeff is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America. Information about all his writing activities can be found at www.theaterbyjeff.com.

PHIL OLSON grew up in Edina (MN), home of the first indoor mall. His father’s grandparents came over from Norway and homesteaded a farm north of Fargo (ND). His mother’s grandparents also came over from Norway and ended up in Virginia, Minnesota; the iron range. Phil went on to Dartmouth College where he majored in mathematics, was All Ivy, All New England and All East in Track, and played tight end on the Ivy League Championship Football team. After graduating from Dartmouth, Phil tried out for the Chicago Bears. After his experience with Walter Payton and the Bears, he went on to receive an MBA from The University of Chicago and pursued a business career while writing stage and screenplays. Phil currently lives in Los Angeles where he develops his plays and musicals. He’s written five award-winning plays, all set in small towns in Minnesota, as well as the one-act Hurricane Gramma, released through JAC. Phil has sold two screenplays, and script doctored three screenplays that were produced. Visit Phil online at www.philolson.com.  

ROBERT PATRICK has written most plays. For videos of his work. search ROBERT PATRICK PLAY COMPLETE on YouTube. His 80 pages of pictures concerning the Caffe Cino are at http://caffecino.wordpress.com and his DVD, CD, and novel are available at http://robertpatrickpersonal.wordpress.com/2010/04/04/lecture-on-dvd-caffe-cino-the-birthplace-of-gay-theatre.

MARTHA PATTERSON has written more than 80 plays and has been published in four anthologies by the International Centre for Women Playwrights, as well as in several collections from JAC.  Her work has been produced Off-Off-Broadway and in Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Michigan, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Ohio, upstate New York and Florida.  She has also been produced overseas in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Korea and Australia.  Shoestring Radio Theatre in San Francisco produced a half-hour mystery of hers in 2010.  With JAC Publishing, Martha has released Talking to Strangers, What Remains, What Women Want, The Maid's Day Off, The Four Sisters of Bakersfield and In a Garden. Martha earned her B.A. from Mount Holyoke College and an M.A. from Emerson College— both degrees in Theatre.  She is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, the International Centre for Women Playwrights, Screen Actors Guild and Actors’ Equity Association.

BRIAN C. PETTI has been produced Off-Off Broadway (Masquerade, Before the Parade Passes By, Hindenburg-the Musical) and regionally (Next Year in Jerusalem, The Measure of a Man, On the Expectation of White Christmases) by such companies as Ten Grand Productions, The American Theater of Actors, Inc. and The Duplex Cabaret. Masquerade was staged at Cherry Lane Theater in NYC, and Next Year in Jerusalem was the winner of the Humboldt State University National Play Contest in California, where it received a student production. Recent productions include Banshee at the NYCFringe Festival and Echoes of Ireland, which was produced in Ireland by the Skibbereen Theatre Society.  The Measure of a Man and On the Expectation of White Christmases are also published by JAC.  Visit Brian C. Petti's blog at Pettiplays, or review his other works on Doolee.com.

ROBIN POND is a Canadian playwright.  For a large number of years (more than he cares to number), Robin experimented with writing in numerous genres.  But it was only in 2007, when he wrote his first 10-minute play, that he felt he had found his niche.  His short plays have now received over seventy productions in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain.  Robin’s first full-length play Even Steven premiered in New York in 2010 and has subsequently been published.   He is currently working on his second full-length play.    

FELIX RACELIS is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter residing in Los Angeles. Over a dozen of his one-act plays have been produced in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. His play Uncommon Threads won First Place in Fire Rose Productions’ First Ten-Minute Play Festival and is included in JAC’s A Quintessential Evening: Five Short Plays by Felix Racelis. His comedy Forever Fog was a finalist in Theatre Forty’s One-Act Play Contest, and is also available through JAC. Felix is an MFA graduate of UCLA’s Film & TV Department and a Nicholl Screenwriting Competition Quarter-Finalist. Felix’s full-length drama As Straw Before the Wind, which explores the Filipino-American experience, won Fifth Place in the Writer’s Digest Competition - Stage Play Category. His new full-length dark comedy Death ‘N Texas was featured in the National Academy of TV Arts and Sciences (NY Chapter) Play Reading series. Felix is a member of FirstStage Los Angeles, the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights and is a former member of East West Players’ Literary Committee.

JENNIE REDLING, 2007 winner of BMI’s Jerry Harrington Musical Theatre Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement as a librettist, is the national recipient of the Stanley Drama Award, the Arlene R. and William P. Lewis Playwriting Award for Women and a 2010 winner of the 18th Annual R. Joyce Whitely Arenafest of new plays at Cleveland’s Karamu Theatre.  Her plays have been read or produced in NYC and nationally at the Alleyway Theatre, Juneteenth Legacy Theatre, Soho Rep, Ensemble Studio Theatre, the Mint Theater, Mefisto Theatre Company for the New York Fringe Festival, Urban Stages, The Barrow Group and Penguin Repertory Theater, among others. Redling’s monologues and scenes are published inFAMOsa Publications’ Scenes from a Diverse World, Smith & Kraus’ Audition Arsenal for Women in Their 20s and Winners' Scenes for Kids and Teens, and JAC Publishing’s interJACtions: Monologues at the Heart of Human Nature Volume I.  Redling is a recipient of two New York State Foundation for the Arts grants and has been nominated by Ensemble Studio Theatre for the Arnold L. Weissberger Award, was a finalist in Firehouse Theatre’s 2009 Festival of New American Plays, the Arts & Letters Prize for Drama, the Mildred and Albert Panowski Playwriting Award, the Actors Theatre of Louisville Ten-Minute Play Competition and The Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center’s Summer Conference twice. She is member of the Dramatists Guild of America, BMI-Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Librettist Workshop, International Centre for Women Playwrights, AEA, SAG-AFTRA.

RICHARD REYNOLDS closed the door early on a business and engineering career to pursue a long suppressed desire to express himself through art—as an oil painter to be exact.  In 2003, after a financially successful art career, he washed his paint brush for the last time and began creating pictures with words.  Since then he has written two fictional novels, a how-to book, a series of short stories and monologues, and currently writes a bi-monthly column for a local newspaper.  Many of his short stories are posted on his website, www.richardreynoldstoday.com. Richard’s first novel, Carmi 55, is available as an eBook from Amazon.com and his second novel, Bricktown Gates, is scheduled for publication in 2013.  His third book, The Business Side of Selling Your Art, is also scheduled for a 2013 release.  Richard currently lives in Oklahoma City. 

JOHN MICHAEL SEFEL has been an active theatre artist for over fifteen years, working as an actor, director, musician, writer and producer. His credits include film, tv, radio, and his true love: theatre. He has had several of his original plays produced, most recently The Classifed and Santa & Kat Exchange Gifts with Theatre Kapow and sick girl with Gan-e-meed at the Boston Playwright’s Theatre. Other recent credits include directing La Serva Padrona for the Central Texas Opera Festival, Gruesome Playground Injuries for Baylor University and Mr. Marmalade for Ghostlight Theater Co./New Hampshire Institute of Arts. His work has been recognized by the New Hampshire Theatre Awards, the New England Regional Theatre Festival, the NHCTA State Festival, and the New England Fringe Festival. He currently teaches Theatre Appreciation at Baylor University and serves as the Assistant Editor of the Texas Theatre Journal, published annually by the Texas Educational Theatre Association. He has previously served on the faculty of Chester College of New England, as the Founding Artistic Director of the award-winning Ghostlight Theater Co. of New England, as a Respondent for the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, as the co-editor of Seven Deadly Sins: a Collection of New Plays with Donald Tongue, and as Founding Director of the only-somewhat-tongue-in-cheek “Troupe de la Sockspeare of Modesto, California.” He holds associate membership in the Stage Directors & Choreographers Society and voting membership with the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences, Inc.

SAVANNAH SINCOFF is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been in the practice of counseling and psychotherapy in San Diego since 1979. She works with individuals, couples, adolescents and parents and continues to derive great joy from the opportunity to help people grow. Savannah integrates movement and body awareness into her clinical practice and has enriched her clients` growth through this work, as well. Savannah`s love of the expressive arts has been lifelong. She has a background in theatre, ballet and modern dance, choreographed and performed with a modern dance troupe in upstate New York, and studied Pilates for over 20 years. With a major in drama and dance Savannah now continues her love of theatre as a loyal supporter and a current student of Meisner technique. Savannah co-created Play2Create: Unique Creative Empowerment Workshops for Women, with a fellow actor and writer, Ingrid Hoffmeister. She is a member of two writing groups, one of which also performs its own material, and she works regularly on poetry and performance pieces.

KEVIN SIX was the 2009-11 Playwright in Residence at Swedenborg Hall and his play Love, Unrequited, in Three Galleries was the 2008 winner of The Scripteasers’ Script Tease of Short Plays. His play The Cake Women was published in 2008 in Smith and Kraus’ The Best 10-Minute Plays of 2007.  Kevin’s Love Negotiated was a finalist in the 2006 Diverse Voices Playwriting Contest sponsored by the Hinton Battle Theatre Laboratory and was produced to critical success in 2008; it will be published by Next Stage Press in early 2012. Kevin has been acting, directing and writing for the stage for over 30 years.  As a director and an actor, he has appeared at Compass, Intrepid Shakespeare, the Old Globe, Fritz, the Marquis, Swedenborg Hall and San Diego Junior theatres.    

MICHAEL WEEMS is a Houston-based writer, playwright and actor.  Recent playwriting credits include: Bludgeon the Lime (Phare Play Productions); Synchronicity (Love Creek Productions); Fragments and Onward, Forward (Little Hibiscus Productions), Subtlety (Chattanooga State Community College), Laugh Riot (The Seven Collective); Burden Me (Strawberry Riant Festival); Ready to Shine (Brief Acts); Blown Away (Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga); A Fondness for Aqua Net (n.u.f.a.n ensemble) and Run Run Away (Changing Scene Theatre’s Summer Play 2011). Recent plays published include: Fragments (Next Stage Press); Bludgeon the Lime (JAC); Scattered Arranged (Independent Playwrights); Synchronicity (Plays–The Drama Magazine for Young Audiences), and a selected monologue  for Meriwether Publishing Limited in their upcoming collection, Young Women's Monologues from Contemporary Plays: Volume 3.  His one act Subtlety was named 'Outstanding Play' by the Curan Rep Notes from the Underground Festival, and Waiting Life was named as a top 10 finalist in Saint Mary Hall's "Spring Shorts" 10 Minute Play Fest in San Antonio (TX).  Thanks to my loves, Christine, Thomas & Jack.  Visit Michael online at www.michaeltweems.com.

ELLEN WEST has had nine plays produced on both coasts and in between, including two first prize-winners in two different competitions.  In addition, she was recently a semi-finalist in the 2009 Eileen Heckart Drama for Seniors competition, and a finalist in New York’s Estrogenius Festival.  The Eileen Heckart play Losing Things has been published.  Ellen was also commissioned to write for Bump in the Road’s annual play created around social issues affecting the community, such as aging and end of life.  In 2010, she was commissioned to write a monologue about Oregon Coast Pioneers, The Lost Pioneer, which in Fall’12, is being premiere at the coast.  In the 1990s, Ellen was resident writer for Northwest Senior Theatre and had staged readings of several of her early works.  She produced three films on women’s issues in the 1980s, and was a writer/producer for public tv channel KTWU in Topeka (KS).  A graduate of Wellesley, Ellen has a Master’s from the University of Oklahoma and 33 graduate hours from the University of Kansas.  

MARCINA ZACCARIA is a writer, director and arts administrator.  She has written and directed theater readings and workshops in venues that include New Dramatists, Soho Rep, HERE Arts Center, Dance Theater Workshop, Ohio Theater, Pulse Ensemble Theater, and 45 Bleecker Street.  She has participated in the Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab and completed an artist residency at chaNorth, part of chashama.  She has published profiles, reviews and the ‘Word on the Street’ column.  She recently wrote an article honoring the original dancers of West Side Story for Dancers Over 40.  She was an Adjudicator for the 2012 NY International Fringe Festival, where she read scripts, rated projects, discussed work with panelists, and gave recommendations for The Festival.  Arts administration experience includes administering programs and services at the Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation, and providing support for the Executive Director/Contemporary Programming at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.

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