Inside Out  by Evin Anderson


Included in this collection:

  • Race You to the Finish— An absurdist one-act play.

  • Renholder Place—A short play. Jacob Daniels, a salesman from St. Louis, thinks he is on vacation at a 5 star hotel. Besides a few random occurrences such as sudden and violent outbursts from an older gentleman and from a model-esque woman named Lisa, everything seems normal. Jacob is enjoying the great service, the comfortable conditions, and his newly formed friendship with a jazz musician named Charlie. This feeling of normalcy soon grows into fear with the more guests he meets and the more he gets to know these guests. From Sarah, a writer with an incredibly dark demeanor whom constantly speaks to herself, to an older gentleman who haunts Jacob with every turn he takes. This fear drives Jacob to investigate where it is that he is actually staying and due to what horrific truth.

  • Inside Out—A play in two scenes. When depression and paranoia strike Jessie, a single mother of one, she struggles to sort out her mind between her expectations and the expectations of modern society. She feels like a caged animal within her own living room and that “they” will only cage her away in solitude for the rest of her life. While being trapped inside her own mind, she ends up committing suicide and having her son, a product of society, find her body. As the story progresses, the son goes through several dreamscapes as he suffers from a similar depression due to the traumatic events experienced with Jessie. In his final dreamscape, he discovers a serene meadow with a small girl that leads him to an important message from the grave.

  • 10 Seconds—A one-act play. A work-a-holic marketer, Anthony, is attempting to enjoy his vacation with his wife Rebecca, a school teacher with a fiery personality. The only problem is Anthony is lost in thought concerning a new product being implemented by his company on their way back to their hotel. Rebecca realizes this and advises him to relax but when this advice finally starts to sink in, Anthony crashes their vehicle into a truck. He wakes up in a type of limbo where the environment is the same but no objects or people exist. He attempts to piece the mysterious world together while being haunted by the voice of Rebecca. Before Anthony can figure out his predicament he slowly collapses to the ground. The scene changes and two officers begin to talk about what actually occurred including the fact that Anthony died in the car crash and his wife survived only to discover his demise.


Inside Out by Evin Anderson

ISBN #1-60153-128-8; JAC #2011-0033


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