Don't Mention It: A Trilogy of Plays  by David-Matthew Barnes


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FALSE HOPES: A play in one act. Amy chooses to have an abortion after discovering she’s pregnant with the child of her married boss. Claudia discovers she’ll never be able to have children of her own. Nicole is pregnant with her first child but has recently realized she’s not in love with her successful husband.

  • AMY: In her late-twenties, Amy is educated, career-minded, and self-centered. She is fueled by ambition and dislikes those who don’t have any. Amy's exterior is somewhat cold; it is difficult for her to be or appear vulnerable.

  • CLAUDIA: In her early thirties, Claudia is a simple, somewhat introverted woman. She shies away from large crowds and prefers to spend her time reading romance novels. She’s a woman who’s in love with the idea of love and quietly seeks compassion and comfort. Claudia has struggled with her weight since she was a child.

  • NICOLE: Just twenty-one, Nicole is pregnant with her first child. She is direct, gentle but firm. She’s convinced those around her she’s the perfect wife.

BRACELETS & BOYFRIENDS: A play in one act. Having both turned fifty, childhood friends Judy and Olivia decide to return to a quaint seaside town they once visited on family vacations during their early teen years. Reminded of loves lost, choices made, and the fading of their youth, Judy and Olivia reaffirm their friendship, the tender memories they share, and the journey through life that has made them the women they are now. Bracelets and Boyfriends is a powerful and thought-provoking play about two women who must look back before they can move forward.

  • JUDY: Fifty. Often too serious for her own good. Self-critical. Has carried a painful secret around for fifteen years. A sensitive woman with a big heart.

  • OLIVIA. Fifty-one. Fashionable but not affluent. A thrill seeker. A flirt. Clinging to the disappearing edges of her youth. 

DON’T MENTION IT: A play in one act. When sixty-year-old New York native Stella discovers that her grandson has been diagnosed with AIDS, she turns to her best friend Madeline for comfort and strength.

  • STELLA: 60s: an eternal optimist; a woman with a kind heart; a believer in true love.

  • MADELINE: 60s: a sassy cynic; flippant and often indignant; challenging.  

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