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Anatomically Correct: Nine Short Plays by J.F. Dacey

ISBN #1-60513-090-7
JAC #20

Included in the Collection:

  • OXYMORONS: A Tai Chi class somewhere near Boston. The tranquil serenity of a Tai Chi exercise is shattered by the extreme reactions to an innocent question.
  • SUNDAY DRIVE: Two couples, one traveling behind the other, are drawn by coincidence, misinterpretation, and quick tempers to a sudden, violent climax.
  • CONFESSION: A lapsed Catholic goes to confession for the first time in 42 years, and unburdens himself of the woes of the world.
  • SPAM RIVER MYTHOLOGY: A cacophony of 21st-century technobabble, delivered by six black-clad women whose faces are illuminated only by the flashlights they carry.
  • MIDNIGHT FANTASIA: In a chance gathering of five characters, each tries to demonstrate his own favorite part of a particular ballet, each with disastrous results. This play has no dialogue; it is all action and choreographed pantomime.
  • EXPLETIVES NOT DELETED: Two couples, sitting around the campfire late at night, get into an exhaustive discussion of the most notorious word in the English language.
  • IMPERFECT: God consults with his top two Designer Angels about the anatomy of the soon-to-be created human race. Details of the male reproductive organ are still in the works.
  • ROOM 29: A middle-aged man visits an honest working lady, only to find out that she will not be able to provide him with what his is looking for.
  • ONE IN A MILLION: A single sperm cell fights his way ahead of all the others to be first in line to fertilize the egg, only to discover that the egg isn’t in the mood.


Anatomically Correct by J.F. Dacey

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