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Bus Stories by Mark Lambeck


ISBN #1-60513-021-4
JAC #2008-0018


Bus Stories has one common element each of its three one-acts/short plays takes place in a bus station or on a bus! The plays look at the kinds of everyday anxieties that affect the human condition from the dynamics of blended families to the breakdown of communication in relationships. Each of these titles is also available as a single play.  Click on the title for more information.


Waitin' for the 2:45

  • NOREEN - 32, a part-time cashier at a discount store

  • LESLIE - 34, a pregnant lab worker

  • DOREEN - 33, Noreen's hairdresser sister

  • ANN - 38, Leslie's sister, a children's librarian

Setting: Late spring (May, 1998). A bus station in New Haven (CT), and on a cross country bus. Seen is a suggestion of a ticket/information booth. The clerk in the booth is never seen by the audience.


The Beat Goes On

  • GRACE - Well dressed kindergarten teacher, late 20s.

  • CORA - A Westchester housewife, 50s

Setting: The waiting area of a bus terminal in Westchester County, New York in late fall. There are two rows of chairs back to back stage center representing the waiting area. A suggestion of double doors leading out to the buses are just behind this center row. A ticket counter with a trash can in front of it. A schedule board is on the wall.

Unsuspecting Turnips

  • ALICE - A depressed store clerk and housewife, late 40s.

  • RUSTY - A college student, 19 or 20

  • VIRGINIA - Retired. Stylish, 60s or 70s.

  • SARAH - A nurse, early 30s.

Setting: Late afternoon in a crowded city buy traveling downtown.


About this Playwright
MARK LAMBECK has had readings and productions throughout New York and Connecticut including a staged reading of his Holocaust drama, Voices From the Ashes at The Lamb's Theatre in Manhattan. A member of the Stratford, CT-based SquareWrights group, his Connecticut productions have been seen at The Little Theatre in New Haven, Eastbound Theatre in Milford, The Stonington Playhouse, and Playhouse on the Green in Bridgeport. NYC credits include productions at: The Pulse Ensemble Theatre, Genesis Rep, Red Room Theatre, and Spotlight On Productions, among others. His play, Ben's Story competed in the 2007 Samuel French one act festival, Call Me Bernice won the 2002 Sage Theatre One Act Playwright's Award, and Tuna & Jack was a finalist in the 2001 American Globe Theatre 15-Minute Play competition. Four of his play adaptations of O. Henry short stories have been published by Contemporary Drama Service, Countdown to 40 and Bus Stories were published by JAC Publishing, Intervention and October People were published in The Best Short Plays of 2008 for 2 or more Actors by Smith & Kraus, and Lucky Day was published by United Staged Publishers.

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Bus Stories

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