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Relationships: Eight Short Plays by Gene Lesser

ISBN #1-60513-037-0
JAC #2009-0007


Page 5— Boxes (10 Minutes): Two men determine that the present is nothing more than a re-creation of the past.

Page 12— The Lost Earring (15 Minutes): A comedic lesson in how to pick up a man.

Page 22— The Painting (10 Minutes): A young artist waits for a life-changing phone call.

Page 30— The Service (15 Minutes): An older woman hires an escort to be her companion for dinner and the theatre.

Page 39— Animal (15 Minutes):The live-in girlfriend of an artist learns she will have to deal with the unexpected.

Page 49— Head Shot (15 Minutes): An actress, disappointed with photographs of herself, convinces her tough-guy boyfriend to get a refund of her payment – with comedic results

Page 58— The Jazz Man (20 Minutes): A man who tries to help a down-and-out jazz musician ends up fearing for his life.

Page 72— For Rent (12 Minutes): A woman sends her girl friend to rent a room in her ex-boyfriend’s apartment - with comedic results.


About this Playwright

GENE LESSER has written some two dozen television scripts. To support his survival while writing he also served as a commodities broker, a Certified Financial Planner, and as a registered principal for an investment company. He has been a magazine photographer, an agent as well as a personal manager for several notable performers, writers, producers and directors. In addition, he has been a publicist and ran his own major PR firm in Hollywood. In the hours between he writes plays. He is graduate of Goddard College, VT, and a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, Inc., the Alliance Of Los Angeles Playwrights (ALAP) and of Theatre 40 in Beverly Hills, CA. Visit Gene online at www.GeneLesser.com.

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Relationships: Eight Short Plays by Gene Lesser

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