What Women Want, a collection of short plays by Martha Patterson

Included in this collection
  • Food for Thought — A short play. What does a loving husband do when his wife talks obsessively about her need to lose weight?

  • Letters to an Ex — A monologue. A woman gets back to the man who took her virginity twenty years earlier.

  • Going Green — A short play. Ben wants a burger for dinner, but all Lucy has is salad fixin’s. Meanwhile, we get a few clues about their marriage.

  • A Match Made in Heaven — A short play. What happens to Heaven when a man doesn’t like his girlfriend’s new hairstyle? Maybe something good...

  • Cookin’ With Gas — A short play. Wanda thinks she might want to buy a car that uses alternative fuel.

  • Joyeaux Anniversaire — A short play. When they are interviewed by a newspaper reporter about their sex lives, college-aged Florence and Millie butt heads.

  • A Christmas Kiss — A short play. What happens when two old, platonic friends meet just before the holidays in New York City?

  • An Artful Marriage — A short play. Jake, a businessman, and his wife live in a high-rise apartment. As they drink cocktails together one night, and listen to their neighbors making love, they engage in monologues to the audience about how dissatisfied they are with their marriage. Their son wants to study art in Egypt, and it seems to both that this might be a good idea. By the end of the play, Jake and his wife are addressing each other. Has each made a good choice in a spouse, after all?

  • Girl Before a Mirror — A short play. Pablo Picasso paints a portrait of his mistress, Marie-Therese Walter, in Paris in 1932.

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What Women Want by Martha Patterson
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