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5 Plays for High School Students by Jonathan Potter

ISBN #1-60513-144-X
JAC #2011-0043

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The Golden Chain (One act in three scenes)— Based on an obscure Grimm’s fairy tale called “Hansel and Grettle,” first published in 1823. The original can be found in Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Puffin Books 1948. In a forest clearing, Buddy and his sister Sylvia ‘secretly’ discuss how to deal with witch-like behavior of Martha, their evil stepmother—they run away and discover a tree with a door in it. While they’re exploring, Martha returns with bottles of fake spring-water which she places in the forest clearing. Buddy drinks from a bottle and is transformed into a deer. To help prevent him from being killed, Sylvia hangs a gold chain around his neck. Friends Peter and Lyle arrive, hunting deer and go after Buddy. Eventually, he is caught. Sylvia attempts to explain, but the boys think she’s crazy, especially when Martha reappears, and reinforces their thinking! Ultimately, Martha gets a dose of her own medicine, and Buddy is released from his spell.

The Brementown Musicians (One act in two scenes)—On a quest to New York to start a band, Dan, having left an abusive family, meets Arlie, Catherine and Rooster on the road— all not very talented musicians. In an elegant setting, four Wall-Street criminals enjoy relating their horrible schemes to one another. The teens overhear them, and devise a plan to scare the criminals away.

Lucky (Based on Grimm’s “Lucky Hans.”)—Lucky is a comic retelling of Grimm’s “Lucky Hans.” In this play, Lucky, a high school junior, has just been paid a lot of money for a summer’s work. In a series of encounters with convincing con-artists on his way home, he trades his way down to nothing, but remains convinced he’s lucky to have met and traded with each one.

Little Red Riding Hood—On her way to bring her grandmother’s lunch, Red encounters Mr. Wolf. Mr. Wolf tries to con her into becoming a member of “Hook House.” She is persuaded to ask her father for a permission slip, which does not leave enough time for delivery of the lunch. Mr. Wolf volunteers to take it. Grandma lets him in, offers him lunch but pretends she doesn’t recognize him at first, until after he explains. Then, as he eats, she tells him he’ll never get Red. The drug in his tea will do him in. Mr. Wolf zones out. Red arrives, excited about her opportunity, and Grandma begins her explanation.

Stiltskin—In Washington to offer a small campaign contribution to Senator Duplicitous, Avery Small mentions his daughter Serious’ success at a money-raising game. The Senator persuades her to try the game with real money, to benefit his campaign. When she begins, Stiltzkin appears and offers a million dollars in exchange for a family heirloom. Serious reluctantly agrees. The Senator is pleased, but then wants ten million. Stiltzkin reappears. He’ll make it happen in trade for a ring Serious’ boyfriend gave her. Again, she reluctantly agrees. The enthusiastic Senator tries to persuade Serious to be his mistress, and demands one last amount of cash. Stiltzkin asks for a trade, but she has nothing left. It’s a ‘TBA’. When we next see Serious, she is married to the Senator and Stiltzkin is claiming their baby. He will take the child if Serious can’t find out what his name is. Trading to get her job back, the Senator’s secretary tells her, and the Stiltzkin threat disappears.

Jonathan Potter
About This Playwright

Jonathan Potter was born in Bridgeport (CT) and grew up in New England. Aside from childhood productions of folk and fairy-tales in cooperation with neighborhood children, his first contact with theatre was in high school, where he acted in Shakespeare and Chekhov. He continued working as an actor in college, and briefly joined an independent group for summer stock. After graduate school at Harvard and a summer at the Stratford Institute he began teaching and directing at a variety of small secondary schools, ran a traveling Commedia del’ Arte troupe, and eventually ended up in Maine, where he resides today. Along the way he began writing scripts for his students, community groups, and University players. Many of these have been performed locally, and several regionally. One was produced in New York City. Nine of his plays have been published.


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5 Plays for High School Students by Jonathan Potter

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