A Quintessential Evening: Five Short Plays by Felix Racelis

In this collection are:

Chet is an eccentric retired widower whose closest companion is a dog hand puppet. Lack of work has forced his grown daughter, Lainie, to move back home and regroup. But today, with the help of his puppet, Chet musters the courage to confront his daughter about her dubious web based sex surrogate business


  • CHET: Late 70s, retired widower, daft, withdrawn. He wears pajamas, an old bathrobe and slippers.

  • LAINIE: 40s, neurotic live-at-home daughter of Chet. She is dressed comfortably, but smartly.

Morning. The present. The kitchen of Chet’s suburban home. A small kitchen table with two chairs sits center.


Wary of a snobbish museum staffer’s motives, an African-American retiree withdraws her quilt submission until she discovers they have more in common than just their ethnicity. 

This play won First Place in Fire Rose Productions' First Ten-Minute Play Festival!


  • FELICIA SIMPSON: Articulate, well-educated African-American woman in her 40s. She is smartly dressed in a two-piece designer suit.
  • GRACE JOHNSON: Warm hearted African-American woman in her 70s. She is attired like a grandmother—simple dress, large overcoat and a handbag.

Morning. The present.  The gallery of a museum in a large Southern city.  If budget permits, several pedestals with objects d’art, one of which is a small statue of the baby Jesus. Otherwise, a pedestal or two, or hanging artwork, can suggest the museum setting.


A flamboyant academic pulls out all the stops attempting to hold on to a young waiter with a mind of his own.


  • JON: Gay male intellectual, late ‘40s/early ‘50s, articulate, flamboyant. He dresses conservatively, shirt and slacks. He looks the part of a slumming academic.
  • EDWARD: Bisexual male, 20s, intense, self-righteous. Works as Cafe waiter. He is dressed in a white shirt, waiter’s apron—not too formal.

Mid-afternoon. The present.  A sidewalk cafe with several small tables and chairs.


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ISBN #1-933159-84-7; JAC #2007-0002


Royalties for each play are $30/performance.

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The sad story of the effects of alcoholism written in 3 remarkably short, telling scenes. Moving backward in time, we relive critical moments in the life of a young family that planned poorly. A very short play with a very long rippling message, and the audience fills in the blanks.



  • AMY: Woman who transitions from her ‘40s back to her ‘20s

  • FRANK: Man who transitions from his ‘30s to his ‘20s

  • JIMMY: Boy who transitions from a teenager back to a young boy.

Exterior of a typical California bungalow, the standard home of millions of transplants seeking the California dream. The house opens onto a wide, inviting porch.  Three short scenes take place in 2006, then 1999, then 1991, or through a similar range of dates, i.e., the present year, seven years prior, fifteen years prior. (NOTE: Slight, unobtrusive set changes or additions can be made, along with costume alterations to indicate different years matching the scenes.)




Neurotic library clerk Barry has a crush on co-worker Leslie, who, in turn, is enamored of a macho biker. Barry tries to entice Leslie into a date, with hilarious results.



  • BARRY: Neurotic library clerk/graduate student in his early ‘30s. He wears a long-sleeved shirt (top 2 buttons unbuttoned) and casual slacks.

  • LESLIE: Library clerk in her early 30s; alternately forceful and grossly insecure. She wears a sexy blouse or top that reveals her neck and shoulders. She sports a tattoo on her shoulder.

Late Friday afternoon. The present.  A narrow aisle in a library lined by two tall bookshelves. A large, old-fashioned desk fan sits on one of the shelves at shoulder level. At minimum, bookshelves lined with books; if possible, a circulation counter decorated with literacy posters.

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