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Shakespeare & Elephants: A Collection of Short Plays by Aoise Stratford


ISBN #1-60513-134-2
JAC #2011-0039


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In this collection:

Page 5: SKULLS— Yorick (of “Hamlet” fame) kidnaps an audience waiting to see a production of Cymbeline and tries to reinstate himself as a king of the stage by revealing the shame of his slighted position in theatrical history and the circumstances surrounding his murder at Elsinore.

Page 13: OPHELIA’S HAMLET—Elsinore is no place for a woman. At least not a strong one. But as Shakespeare goes about penning his great work, Ophelia takes him on, determined to tell her side of the story and explain why she shouldn't be thought of as mad.

Page 25: MONOLOGUE FOR LADY MACBETH— A monologue interrupted by ‘real’ and conjured characters. As her castle is surrounded, Lady Macbeth stays in her chamber where she reflects on ambition, infidelity, her choices, and the nature of truth and confession, hoping--perhaps--to clean her soul before taking her own life.

Page 31: TILL HELL FREEZES OVER— Two brothers find themselves in an unexpected jam when a bank job goes wrong. Benny, the reckless one, turns to Lionel for help, but this time Benny has gone too far and Lionel decides to dish out some hard truths instead of bailing out his little brother. This might be it for the Connelly brothers…but who else do they have?

Page 37: STRIKE— When two characters, apparently written into the same play, meet on stage they think at first there has been a mistake. After all, they have nothing in common. Terry wants to follow the script for a romantic comedy, Terri doesn't believe in romance, or scripts, and can't believe she's stuck with someone who does. But as they argue, they discover that their differences are similarities after all, and fate and chance may in fact, be the same thing.

Page 45: TURTLE BEACH— Two turtles make the dangerous ocean crossing back to the beach of their birth in order to lay their eggs. For May, the beach is a place of mystical beauty, promise and wonder--but it's May's first time and motherhood is still an exciting and frightening mystery. Beverly, a little older and wiser, knows better. For her, the dangers are real and the obligation to get May birthed and get her back in the ocean is a serious one. As their two ideas of motherhood collide, some hard lessons must be learned, but hope for a species on the brink can also be rekindled by the magic of Turtle Beach.

Page 53: ELEPHANTS AND COFFEE— A lonely and neurotic woman happens across an Elephant one day as she is on her way to see her therapist. The elephant, being physically clumsy with human things, spills coffee on her and falls in love. She, being emotionally clumsy with natural things, fails to recognize a fellow soul when she sees one. Not willing to take a chance on his offer of romance she leaves, but when she’s alone she realizes she may just have passed up the opportunity of a lifetime. After all, love can be found in the most unexpected places.

Author Biography

AOISE STRATFORD has won several awards including the Hudson River Classics New Play Award (2005), the Yukon Pacific Playwright Award (2001), the Lakeshore Players New Play Contest (2005) and the Alan Minieri Award (2003). She was a finalist for the Humana Festival’s Heideman Award (2003), received an American Theatre Critics’ Association New Play Award nomination (2002), and was a silver medalist in the 2004 Pinter Review Prize for Drama.  Stratford’s work has been published and is produced throughout the United States and in Italy, Canada and Australia. She has taught playwriting at Cronell University, The Last Frontier Theatre Conference, The Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival and the Playwrights Center of San Francisco. She is a member of the Dramatists’ Guild. For more information about Aoise Stratford, visit www.aoisestratford.com.

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Shakespeare & Elephants by Aoise Stratford

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