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To the Nines: Nine Plays by Nancy Zaman

ISBN #1-933159-96-0
JAC #2007-00

Included in the Collection:

  • Zirconians are a Girl’s Best Friend: Nothing goes as expected when a social anthropologist is given top secret clearance by his Pentagon girlfriend to study a very alive alien creature. 2M/1W
  • Saturday Afternoon: A young couple, playing house before they are ready, engage in an ongoing battle over conflicting needs.  2M/1W
  • Mama’s Special Ingredient: A teacher, still living at home, summons the courage to tell Mama she wants to move out. Mama has other plans.  2W/1 man or woman
  • Burger Heaven: A lonely man stops by an empty coffee shop late at night and finds himself revealing more than he wants to the lone and lonely waitress waiting to close up.  1M/1W
  • Barbecue: Women troubles raises its ugly head at a backyard barbecue when one friend’s attraction to older women gets complicated by the other friend’s mother. 2M/1W
  • You Know How Women Are: At a businessmans’ bar, a man rails against a female co-worker, revealing the inner workings of a confirmed bachelor. 1M
  • To Ooze or Not to Ooze: The beginnings of life...two amoebas are propelled out of the primordial ooze and discover a wonderful/terrible new world. 1M/2W
  • H.M.O.: A woman, only seeking recent test results, comes to understand and prevail in the Byzantine world of the H.M.O.  1M/1W
  • Blunder & Botch: At a mom and pop wedding chapel in Las Vegas, a naïve young couple encounter the pastor and his wife in the middle of a marital tiff.  2M/2W

Nancy ZamanPlaywright Biography
Nancy Zaman is a graduate of the American Film Institute. She worked for ABC as head researcher for the mini-series “War and Remembrance” and for Warner Brothers for “Sinatra”. Her plays have been produced at the Lee Strasberg Institute and The St. Ambrose Arts Center. Her children’s play “Spotted Owl’s Excellent Adventure” won an award at the Southwest Festival of Plays in Texas. Her most recent play was read as part of the Beverly Hills Summer Arts Festival, 2002. She has directed at the Tamarind Theatre, The Third Street Theatre, The Lee Strasberg Institute’s Marilyn Monroe Theater. She received Best Director Award in 2000 from the Pacificus Foundation.


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