Dr. Max Love by Robert Joseph Ahola


Question: Will our next levels of computers be angels?
Answer: Meet Dr. Max Love.

The time is the very near future. The year is 2030. Dr. Max Love is a handsome, dashing love machine with a 200+ IQ, a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, and an M.D. in neurology. He is a Renaissance man, a great wit, a brilliant conversationalist, and a sensitive caring friend. He is also a custom-designed, test market android leased by two women executives, one of whom treats him like a "sex appliance," and the other who has fallen deeply in love with him. When a male rival comes barging in to challenge Dr. Max, what begins as a sex comedy ends in a spiritual probe into uncharted metaphysical waters. On the Wheel of Life as many of us perceive it to be, does the soul seek intelligence? Or does intelligence seek a soul?

“Is everything we do or seem, but a dream within a dream?” - Edgar Alan Poe

“Timeline 2019: The individual’s primary relationships will be with computers. We will have them as caretakers, advisors, companions and lovers.”
— Ray Kurzweil, The Age of Spiritual Machines

The Cast

  • PATRICIA McGOWAN. An advertising mogul in her early forties, she is brilliant, sexy, attractive and remarkably resilient. After two broken marriages and a rather large fortune, she is cynical and bent on pleasure at any cost

  • ANGELA WITT. A very attractive woman in her mid thirties, Angela is Pat’s best friend and co-conspirator in the sharing of Dr. Max Love. Angela has come to see inside the inner-workings of this complex creation they have brought into their lives.

  • MIKKI DUDLEY. Angela Witt’s beautiful twenty-something friend. Shy and devoted, she has just broken up with her longtime significant other and is in search of a new identity. What she seeks and what she finds will bring out an inner power she never knew was there.

  • RUDOLPH CHARLES GORDINO (Rudi). Mikki’s longtime significant other, he is a workaholic who truly regrets having lost her. Meeting “Dr. Max” will allow him to show a side of himself, and a depth of character that he has never been able to reveal before.

  • DR. MAX LOVE. The consummate executive perk, “Dr. Max” has been designed to be the perfect Renaissance man and “love machine” for women affluent enough to lease his fantastic matrix. With a 200 plus IQ and a degree as a licensed physician, he is sensitive, caring, compassionate and “indefatigable.” But soon enough this super-cyber-hunk reveals aspects to his psychological matrix that are far more evolved than any of them might have ever imagined.


The Setting

Act 1. Scene 1: Patricia McGowan’s Executive Office — just after 6:00 P.M.
Act 1. Scene 2: Patricia McGowan’s Executive Office – at about 7:30 P.M.
Act 2. Patricia McGowan’s Office —later the same night.

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