Pavlov's Cats by Robert Joseph Ahola


When two well-intended but meddlesome apprentice angels set out to prove their respective philosophical points of view, they make the untenable error of trying to "experiment" with the very human beings they've been entrusted to help...and manage to mess up everything! When they do Lucifer drops in to lend a helping hand. And when the Devil enters the equation, anything can happen. As such, Pavlov's Cats is as willful, spontaneous and joyously unpredictable as its name implies. Suitable for adults.


Cast Requirements:

The better (or “worser”) Angels of our Nature.

  • FIDEL. An adjudicating apprentice angel who oversees the greater responses to all the small decisions in our lives – the self-appointed master of “Nanotology.” A bit more conservative than his co-worker, Catrina, he tends to worry at times, which is a very “non-angelic” thing to do.

  • CATRINA. Fidel’s coworker and partner in “angelic oversight,” she advances her own theory that all people fall into one of two categories — dogs or cats. And she will do anything to prove they are right. Also an apprentice angel (and therefore still in heaven on a “trial” basis,” she is in a hurry to move things along in the course of the human lives in their charge.

  • GABRIELA. An archangel in charge of these two troublesome but well-meaning angels. (Yes she is the “Gabriel” of legend, before sexist historians took over her bio. She’s just too nice to contradict anyone, and smart enough to understand the relativity of misperception.)

  • LUCIFER. Even more charming, ingratiating and confusing than usual, the Prince of Darkness needs no introduction, mainly because he prefers to make up his own.

The Human Beings.

  • JEREMY THORPE. A young stockbroker. A scoundrel. An opportunist, soon to be a political power. And a generally fine human being with a great deal of potential (as soon as he learns the difference between right and wrong).

  • GEORGE LANE. Jeremy’s well-to-do banker and friend. He sees everything clearly, and is just now learning not to hide his light. But will he learn this quickly enough.

  • LETICIA McANALLEY. The female equivalent of “The Plain Dealer.” She is beautiful, candid, sarcastic, vulnerable, and an exceptional fashion designer. She is also prone to rash decisions about her life.

  • ELLEN LARAMOUR. Wealthy, intuitive, and nearly psychic, she has an innate understanding of everyone’s inner nature — even the natures of angels.

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