Scorekeeper by Robert Joseph Ahola


Tony Award-winning Playwright-Producer Christopher Mummer is on a crusade to forestall the slaughter of integrity in just about everything he sees. In doing so, he has put himself on course to stop the "terminal dumbing-down of America" by any means necessary. Any Means! Suitable for adults. SCOREKEEPER is the first play that dares to take political correctness, the dumbing-down of America and our obsessions with instant gratification and turn them all upside down!

The Cast

  • CHRISTOPHER MUMMER (Scorekeeper): Late 40s-50s, over-the-hill, Hollywood drop-out, ex-Tony Award-winning writer-director, he is now banished to a small repertory playhouse in Connecticut and feels as if the world has passed him by. He is also, due to a recent accident, confined to a wheelchair and has been officially written-off as a paraplegic. But, handicapped or not, he is resolutely determined to strike out at the minions of a nihilistic future as he sees it, and will continue to do so with every last breath in hi s rather windy bank of lungs.

  • SARAH MUMMER: Mummer’s very attractive but long suffering wife. A bright, often sarcastic woman, in her 40s she is powerfully bonded to him in what their best friend describes as “an orgy of co-dependency.” Aware of his many affairs, she tends to be a cryptic drinker. And yet there is so much more to the dynamic of this couple than the clichés might indicate.

  • OWEN PAXTON: Mummer’s best friend and perennial Major Domo. An older man in his 50s, he seems to follow the fallen idol around as if he were his loyal retinue. An irreverent, accomplished actor, he has also mastered the art of candor in the face of all consequences. But he also has a deeper and more heartfelt purpose to his perennial involvement with the Mummers.

  • PRIM/PAULA/MODERATOR 1: An attractive, young actress of great promise, she has a rather thinly disguised crush on Mummer and a very deliberate agenda behind it. In truth, she is neither all that young nor nearly as naive as she first appears.

  • COBB/ DAVE/STAGEHAND: A very bright and irreverent young actor in the repertory. He is neither impressed nor solicitous of Mummer, and in fact has his reasons for not liking him at all. Perhaps it’s a similarity in personality.

  • ROCK /DOUG/MODERATOR 2: A balanced young actor who is, in truth, anything but balanced and not altogether certain he even likes what he’s doing. (May be a person of color.)

  • SAMANTHA ONAN (Sam): A famous show business diva sliding down from the summit of her career, she seems to be everyone’s personal Nemesis. Little doubt that she is also “the other woman.” The question is who’s other woman is she? Sam is also Owen Paxton’s ex-wife and Nemesis, as well as someone’s former lover. But whose if not everyone’s? And why is everyone so terrified of her?

The Setting

The set is stark and futuristic.

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ISBN #1-60513-001-x; JAC #2007-0018


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