The Year of the Tiger by Robert Joseph Ahola


It is New Year's Eve, 1999. Three men-close friends for 40 years-have used this occasion for a reunion, only to find that time, individual philosophies, and personality clashes have left them with little in common. A black tie dinner for six set near midnight of the New Millennium will send these aging tigers, their wives and young lovers on a new path: toward sunrise and a whole new perspective on life...or not! Suitable for adults.

Cast Requirements:

  • TOM DEVLIN: A “retired” industrialist, At 60, he is a recent cancer survivor (an encounter which netted him the removal of a lung). A former Rhodes Scholar, master of philosophy & dedicated futurist, Tom is also a raging sexist and one of the last bastions of male-chauvinism in the known universe. He is also uncanny in his insight into others and one of the most compassionate men on planet Earth. In another era, Tom’s era, he might have been described as a man’s man. But Tom Devlin, more than anyone gathered at this party, is aware that such times have passed.  
  • EVELYN DEVLIN: A self-made real-estate magnate, she happens (in her other life) to be Mrs. Tom Devlin and the mother of his three college age children. A former Olympic trialist & fashion model, she is, at 50, a strong woman who does not suffer fools gladly. Having overcome dirt poor beginnings, she nurses occasional senses of inferiority that she hides with a show of social flair. 
  • CONRAD “CONNIE” VICAR.: Described by others as perhaps the most talented man in the world, Connie Vicar - a gamesman, superb athlete & dazzling entrepreneur - is the one man who, at 60, feels entirely washed up. Having just come off an aneurysm & quadruple bypass, he looks & feels old for his age. He recognizes the fact that he might well be living on borrowed time. And yet there is about him a razor-sharp wit, an irrepressible puckishness & a refusal to grow up that is utterly contagious. A veteran of four broken marriages that have drained his considerable fortune, he is now married to “the worst sober decision I ever made,” a woman who has more money than heart, & a mordant tongue that hides them both. 
  • PRUNELLA “PRU” VICAR: An heiress to a technology fortune, she, by her own estimation, has “more money than God’s daddy.” An attractive, if plumpish woman in her 40s, Pru has always gotten everything she ever wanted except a happy relationship. Her marriage to Connie will do nothing to assuage that sense of lack. In fact, it is described by their friends as a “rhythm of mutual torment,” a dance that both of them seem to enjoy. Brilliant & caustically insightful, Pru is also an alcoholic and the self-appointed “jester” in the kingdom of Devlin.
  • RICHARD DANE: “The Great Dane.” Having just turned 60, Richard looks like a man in his early 40s, possesses the stamina of a man in his 20s, and feels, “older in my soul,” than anyone else alive. Life after 60 is not an anticipation for him; it is a terror. A tv actor on a long-running night-time soap that has long since been canceled, he has recently seen his professional cachet diminish & his fan base dry up. Philosophical about the superficial nature of “show business,” he has become highly spiritual in recent years & a teacher of meditation. Yet nothing can prepare him for the dark future that faces him now; the one he has to keep secret from everyone else, especially his significant other.
  • GENEVIEVE “GENNY” DUCAZZO: Born in France but gifted with a perfect command of English, Genny is a Vogue cover supermodel, and a media empire of her own. Madly in love with Richard, she has only recently become his paramour. Yet in that brief period of months, she has seen him fall from his positive nature toward a dark passage in his life that both frightens & confuses her. Mature far beyond her 24 years, Genny comes into this New Year’s Eve a relative stranger to the others. Beholding the celebration of madness that is about to take place, she will certainly not leave one.

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