The Color-Blind Blues by William Allen


Unbeknownst to the other, Luanne and Celia are in the hospital at the same time for reasons both of then require their eyes to be bandaged. Their son and daughter (respectively), Jesse and Lizzie, come to visit, and break the news to their mothers that they plan to marry - without their mothers being able to see that Lizzie is white and Jesse is black. What follows is a comedy of errors and false assumptions rooted in mutual racism.


Cast of Characters

  • LUANNE MORRIS: Lizzie's mother. 50s, white. She is uneducated but smart, and not afraid to speak her mind.

  • NURSE CHURCH: A male or female, any age, any race. An officious but good-natured nurse who comes to the aid of a faltering wedding.

  • LIZZIE MORRIS: Luanne's daughter. Early 20s, white. She is a college-educated fiancee who tries to protect her mother.

  • JESSE LEONARD: Celia's son. Early 20s, black. He is a handsome, college-educated fiance, but more willing than Lizzie to let the truth be told.

  • CELIA LEONARD: Jesse's mother. 50s, black. She is college-educated, and an emotionally-charged civil rights activist.

The Setting

Two identical hospital rooms.


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The Color-Blind Blues

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