Nude Scene by William Allen


Semi-finalist in the 2004 & 2005 McLaren Memorial Comedy Play Writing Competition

Finalist in the 2006 SART Scriptworks


By a case of mistaken identity, Stanley and Laura Schafer end up in the VIP suite of the Desert Palm Hotel. The real VIP, Moira Schafer, and her husband also arrive...and the sparks fly. When a feeble excuse for d�tente is reached they reluctantly share the suite just long enough for Moira to greet her fans and leave. Mr. Godfrey, an officious hotel manager, announces the night's festivities, but springs on Moira that, instead of pressing what she expects in cement, he would like her to press what she is most famous for her chest. Because of secret she has kept for years, Moira must find a proxy and Laura is it or so she hopes. Chaos, drunkenness and cross-dressing are all factors in this farce with an ending twist that still makes sure everyone lives happily ever after.


Cast Requirements

  • LAURA SCHAFER: A voluptuous and pretty woman, wife to Stanley. Definitely someone who has a penchant for saying whatever is on her mind.

  • STANLEY SCHAFER: 30s, Laura's husband. A younger-than-middle-aged English teacher who is infatuated with a movie star.

  • MOIRA SCHAFER: A star, through and through, Moira has made a living flashing her...self on the big screen.

  • VICTOR SCHAFER: 30s, Moira's husband and manager.

  • MR. GODFREY: The hotel manager; an officious little man with a kinky side.

The Setting

A lavish VIP suite in the Desert Palm Hotel in Palm Springs, California. The suite is so large that there are bedrooms off both sides of the stage.


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Nude Scene

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