Attack of the Space Nymphos from Uranus  by William Arnold



The word ‘Uranus’ will always be funny, but when you slap the words ‘Attack of the Space Nymphos from…’ before it and you get comedy gold. Travel deep, deep, deep into... space with Arnold's spoof of 1950s science fiction flicks.


Cast of Characters

  • KATE STANWYK: A wise-crackin' career gal reporter

  • JOHNNY PIEFOR: A young photographer working with Kate

  • GENERAL WARTZ: A big military man; not given to displays of emotion.

  • PROFESSOR HENDRON: Your typical pencil-neck geek scientist

  • TONY RANDALL: Insanely good looking special agent for the President

  • CHRISTOPHER KRELL: The President's Chief of Staff

  • PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Ummm...Presidential. Duh!

  • SENATOR BOB STRONTIUM: A Senator cut from the McCarthy cloth

  • LOIS LAYNE: The President's secretary

  • QUEEN FALLOPIA: The tall and beautiful ruler of the planet Uranus

  • MAJOR LABIANA: The Queen's chief security officer

  • OVARIA: The sexpot who acts as the Queen's assistant

  • ROBI: Robot servant aboard the Navicularis

  • NURSE: A nurse

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Attack of the Space Nymphos from Uranus by William Arnold
Graphic Design by James DeMarco from a photo by Arienne Davey of model Stephanie Layne.

ISBN #1-60513-223-3; JAC #2013-0007

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Photos by Mark Englehart - ACME Photography  

Postcard from the world-premiere production,
designed by James DeMarco


Ovaria (Dianne Zabor) & Krell (Devin Horner) 


Postcard from the world-premiere production,
designed by James DeMarco


Johnny Piefor (Scott Hoffman)
& Kate Stanwyk (Jessica Donofrio)


L to R: Major Labiana (Rebecca Meakin),
Queen Fallopia (Stephanie Layne), Ovaria (Dianne Zabor)
& ROBI (Matty Skwiot) 


Tony Palmieri (Randall)
& Jessica Donofrio (Kate Stanwyk)


L to R: Krell (Devin Horner), The President (Roy Donnelly),
Senator Strontium (Johnny Peifer) & General Wartz (John Carroll)


Nurse (Jessica Serra) & Hendron (James DeMarco). 


L to R: Layne (Heidi Michaud), Krell (Devin Horner),
The President (Roy Donnelly)
& Queen Fallopia (Stephanie Layne)


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