Mystery of the White Spider by Kevin T. Baldwin



A natural sciences professor specializing in arachnology at Millborough University suddenly dies. Although the cause of death is a bite from a highly toxic spider, one student is held as a possible murder suspect. His fellow classmates meet a reporter who informs the students of how the good professor was working on a genetically enhanced new breed of the white-tailed spider, which hails from Australia. The reporter informs them how the bite of a white-tailed spider can cause serious abrasions on the human skin, but up until now there have been no reported fatalities from their bites. However, the breed has been evolving. The white-tailed spiders prey on daddy long legs, a highly toxic arachnid whose bite cannot penetrate the human skin; however, the white-tailed spider's bite can. Several reports have shown the white-tailed spider bites becoming more toxic. The professor was rumored to be working on cultivating a new amalgam of the two. By merging the two spider types, the resulting combination could produce one of the most toxic spider bites in the world. The new breed of spider is said to be all white, and any venom and anti-venom would be worth millions. So, the reporter doubts the professor died of any apparent accident in his laboratory. He believes the professor was murdered for his work... but by whom?


Cast of Characters

  • NINA SWENSON: A sophomore student; goes out with Michael.

  • CASSANDRA BONHAM: A junior student

  • MICHAEL HANCOCK: A junior student; Nina's boyfriend

  • VERONICA BARNES: A junior student

  • MABEL ABRAMSON: A freshman student

  • SAGE PEMBLETON: A transfer student; went to high school with Cassandra

  • JAZIDUA "JAZZ" LETHOU: A freshman student; brainy; a bit of a nerd

  • TODD BERKOWITZ: An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for the University

  • BRITTANY EVERS: Sage's rich, socialite girlfriend, always at the height of fashion - as are her friends

  • NELS VAN DE MEER: A university professor

  • VANESSA VAN DE MEER: The Professor's wife

  • DETECTIVE HAWTHORNE: A plainclothes detective

  • DETECTIVE BARTHOLOMEW: Hawthorne �s partner

  • MILLIE: A medical examiner

  • MEIER FIEVEL: A local newspaper reporter

  • IlLYANA MORAVEK: a.k.a. "The Black Widow", an older woman working for the Russian mob. She is a tall thin woman of Eastern European descent, and speaks with a mild European accent.



  • BRITTANY'S GIRLS: Friends of Brittany that think, act and do everything just as Brittany does

The Setting

Millborough University

Mystery of the White Spider by Kevin T. Baldwin
ISBN #1-60513-069-9; JAC #2010-0010


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