Pensacola by David-Matthew Barnes




This touching and humorous play explores the lives of four Southern women. Trudy has been a single mother since her husband went to work one day and never came home. Since then, she has tried to find a cure for her loneliness while working as a cocktail waitress at The Tide Pool. Charlotte is married and has two daughters of her own. Recently, Charlotte suspects that her husband has been unfaithful and that their marriage is falling apart. Marie, a recent high school graduate, has had a difficult time deciding on the right career for herself and ponders over going to secretary school, competing for the title of Miss Florida or becoming the U.S. Ambassador to Cuba. Always armed with the best gossip in town, Trudy’s best friend Berniece decides to end her affair with a younger man when a life-altering tragedy hits home. Pensacola is a powerful and heart-warming celebration of family, love and strength.


The Cast

  • TRUDY BAKER: Mid 40s. A single mother, cocktail waitress and true survivor. She appears to be a simple woman, and is unaware of her natural beauty; her sex appeal.

  • CHARLOTTE NORWOOD: 26. Trudy’s eldest daughter, who visits regularly. A young mother and a wife, she has honey-colored hair which she wears in a ponytail. Charlotte harbors feelings of self-blame. Lacks self-esteem.

  • MARIE BAKER: 18. Trudy’s youngest daughter. Still lives with her mother. A young woman in search of her destiny. A dreamer. A romantic. Irresistible. She radiates with youthful energy, eternal optimism. She is the epitome of an all-American girl, the personification of a ray of sunshine.

  • BERNIECE COLE: Early 40s. She is colorful and loud, flamboyant and starved for attention. Has an affinity for younger men. She wears a huge wig. She has a thick Southern accent. A gossip, but a real friend.

  • STEVEN NORWOOD: 27. A young husband and a young father. He is a dark-haired man with a baby face, a sense of permanent lust in his eyes; a young Elvis Presley. Feels like a failure. Sexy. Intense.

  • MIGUEL CASTILLO: 22. He is very extremely handsome, romantic, sensual, poetic and Cuban.


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Pensacola by David-Matthew Barnes
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"Pensacola depicts the lives of an eclectic collection of Southerners in the tradition of Tennessee Williams...humorous and witty dialogue...the authentic portrayal of human nature...the poignant depiction of people reacting to crushed dreams..." -
The California Aggie

"Pensacola, both touching and humorous, explores the lives of four eclectic Southern women as they discover their personal strengths and destinies...think Steel Magnolias by way of Tennessee Williams, with a detour through the mind of Elmore Leonard..." - Charlotte Theatre Magazine

"At turns comedic and dramatic (but always impressive), the Southern-flavored dialogue of Pensacola brought readily to mind the works of Tennessee Williams...warm-hearted and heart-warming..." - The Night Cap

"Recent events add poignancy to its message about the randomness of violence and the fragility of love..." - The Sacramento Bee

"The reaction of some of the women to an immigrant as a love interest gives Pensacola a social slant that the all-white small-town characters of Steel Magnolias lacked...Barnes has engineered some amusing dialogue..." - The Sacramento News & Review

"If you enjoy community theater as much as I do then you must see Pensacola...very artistic...I was swept away and enthralled in their lives... Truly an amazing play..." -
The cast of Red Rocks Community College’s production of Pensacola, June'16.

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