Sloe Gin Fizz by David-Matthew Barnes



On a rainy night, two co-workers, Marco and Christopher, are drawn together out of loneliness. Marco is married to a Korean woman whom he does not love. Christopher is suffering from a broken heart after another failed relationship.  In the course of one night, the two men emotionally confront the expectations of a new relationship, the conflict of conforming to an unfriendly society, the traditional roles expected of men, and the powerful, consuming feelings of love.


The Cast

  • CHRISTOPHER: Early 30s; eccentric; quirky; a quick-thinker; slightly effeminate and always graceful.

  • MARCO: Late 20s; Latino; sensual; desirable; commanding; possesses a somewhat endearing naiveté.

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Watch actor Vlad Chebo performing a monologue from "Sloe Gin Fizz"



audition monologue by Darryl E. Croneon
Heard a portion of this play at an audition where I was the accompanist. The guy seemed straight to me so you can imagine my surprise when I heard his monologue and felt him bare his soul as Marcos did. After the audition I asked the director the name of the play from which the monologue came. She said she didn't write it down and I thought it was lost forever. Even after searching on the Internet, nothing. Two months later the same guy showed up at another audition and gave the same monologue and I was thrilled to catch the name of the play. And even more thrilled to be able to experience the entire work and hear the monologue in context. Fate? Hope so. Would love to play Christopher someday next to my Marco!! Thanks Mr Barnes for your belief in love.


"Languorous, lusty, and laced with gin, David-Matthew Barnes' play, Sloe Gin Fizz, charts the inevitable collision course of two young gay men caught in the muggy heat of urban America. Barnes' writing does an excellent job of capturing the mood of the place and he speaks with an intense and earnest voice about the various pressures and pitfalls of living both in an out of the proverbial closet." - New Bard Press


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