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Cutting the Leash by Steven Bergman

ISBN #1-933159-081


Cast of Characters

  • SAMMY MAESTRO—17, delinquent high school student

  • JIMMY UNCOLUKAS—16, typical high school student, a follower. looks up to Sammy

  • LIAM CHEWT—late 30s, preppie teacher

  • MRS. DELILAH FRANBERRY—50s, angel dressed as a hippie

  • GINNY CHEWT—40ish, Liam’s wife

  • ELAYNE CHEWT—17, Liam’s daughter

  • PRIEST—50ish, any gender

  • DIANE—female friend of the Chewt family (must double as Mrs. Franberry)

  • NUTS—”Hells Angels,” and not the motorcycle group

  • BOLTS—”Hells Angels,” and not the motorcycle group

  • MECHANIC—25-35, any gender (could double as the priest)


Anytown, middle America.  Springtime in a present or future year.A light-hearted mystery, this new play from Steven Bergman can be performed as either a long one-act, or two shorter acts. Liam Chewt is a teacher who finds himself recently deceased. The first person he encounters at “the wait station” is his (also deceased) 4th grade teacher, Delilah Franberry. Mrs. Franberry tells Liam that, in order to get into heaven, he has 24 hours to solve his own murder. So Liam, with the help to two “Hell’s Angels,” Nuts and Bolts, becomes a sleuth as he tries to uncover his own murderer. The suspect list includes everyone from Sammy Maestro and Jimmy Uncolukas, the school thugs, to Liam’s own daughter, Elayne, to even Mrs. Franberry herself! A fun, yet poignant work that is perfect for teenage performers and Little Theaters, this play examines topics such as family relationships, finding the right friends, and treasuring life while we’re living it.


Author Biography
Published short plays include: “History,” “At The Buzzer,” “Rosie, the Teddy Bear” (Brooklyn Publishers), “Have a Seat, Please,” and “Marvin and Julius” (Heuer Publishing), “The Guy Chair,” “Grieving Process,” and the full-length play, “Cutting the Leash” (JAC Publishing). Composer: “The Curse is Reversed!” “Jack The Ripper: The Whitechapel Musical,” “Four Kisses”, Shakespeare’s “Comedy of Errors,” and Wilson’s “Book of Days.” For young audiences: “Melampus” and “Reigning Cats and Dogs,” (for Brooklyn Children’s Theatrer), Adaptations of "Tom and Huck", “Tatterhood,” “King Midas and his Friends,” and "The Pied Piper" (co-written with Christopher DiGrazia and Earl Maulding). Musical Director: Over 100 productions around North America. Keyboardist: "Nunsense Jamboree" (national tour with Georgia Engel, CD/DVD with Vicki Lawrence), as well as national tours of "Sunday in the Park with George", "Dreamgirls", "Guys and Dolls", and "Les Miserables." Steven is a member of Theatre Communications Group, NAfME, NETC and The Dramatists Guild of America, Inc., and teaches Drama and Chorus outside of Boston.

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In the News
2/7/12 - Playwrights Steven Bergman and David Kruh have new published stories in the anthology, "Final Fenway Fiction: More Short Stories from Red Sox Nation." Check them out at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Cutting the Leash by Steven Bergman

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