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Oswald's Backyard by Leslie Bramm

ISBN #1-933159-057



  • AN INTERVIEWER: Late 30s. Snide, aloof. Appears only on the television.
  • LEO OSCAR: 24 years old. Sometimes tender, sometimes volatile. Takes himself seriously.  Doesn’t like to be laughed at.
  • THE COMRADE: Older than Leo. The homunculus. Lurks after Leo and appears only to him.  May or may not be Che Quevera.
  • RINA OSCAR: Early 20s. Leo’s wife. Russian-born. Pop-obsessed, new American.  Wants to have fun. Very beautiful and barefoot.
  • GEORGE: 40s. Norma Jean’s husband. Good ol’ boy charm. Loves to have a good time.
  • NORMA JEAN: 40s. Loves a good time. Sensual & intelligent. Able to figure people out.

The Setting
Leo Oscar’s backyard, 4907 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. It is late morning, afternoon an early evening, September, 1963.

Leslie BrammSynopsis
In his backyard, Leo Oscar is the United States of America. NaÔve, petulant and ultimately violent. Leo is at the center of our national obsession—the search for identity. He battles between idealism and a desire for fame. The television, the media, is his ultimate confirmation.  The play is set in New Orleans, September of 1963, in and out of Leo Oscar’s mind. He has managed to create a political commotion around himself that lands him a shot on a local TV talk show. It is the day the show airs, and it has become Leo’s passion—his big break. However, Leo’s story is complicated by a television that won’t work, the arrival of some unexpected house guests, and the return of an old friend. Leo is frustrated and humiliated until it is inevitable that he lashes out.  While the events in this play may closely resemble the real life Lee Harvey Oswald, this is fiction. The play does not address or rebut any particular conspiracy, but instead explores the psychological landscape of a young American man, driven to extremely desperate actions. Visit Bramm's Author Page on Amazon.com!

 ďA complicated, fascinating work.Ē - Martin Denton, nytheatre.com

"Bramm creates some very interesting abstractions with his stereotypical characters...bizarre and funny with chucks of truth and sarcasm flying around."
-Richard Hinojosa, nytheatre.com

About this Playwright
is an award-winning playwright and the author of 14 plays which have been produced, workshopped and/or developed by Three Crows Theatre, The Present Company, The Penobscot Theatre, The Actorís Theatre of Louisville, The Gold Coast Theatre (Australia), The Colorado Fine Arts Center, Emerging Artists Theatre, Nicuís Spoon, The Edward Albee Last Frontier Conference, Rattle Stick, Reverie Productions, Playwrights Horizons/Tisch, and Shelter Theatre Group, to name a few. He co-wrote the screen play This is Not Here with actor Kevin Corrigan, based on the memoir The Last Days of John Lennon. Bramm is a member of the Present Companyís Pool, Variations Theatre Group, The League of Independent Theatres and the Dramatist Guild.  Visit Leslie Bramm's Author Page on Amazon.com!

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Five Stars by griswaldon

Complicated and layered; worth a read.

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Matt Mullin (Leo) with Mikki Jordan as Rina

Mikki Jordan as Rina

Douglas Gowland as George & Matt Mullin as Leo.