All Other Nights  by Barry Brodsky


Ben Packer has suffered a stroke and can’t continue running his family business.  His wife, Nettie, has sent for their two ne’er-do-well children: Aaron, a failed folk singer, and Ruth, an idealistic social worker.  The family, along with Ben and Nettie’s only friend, Ozzie, and Mark, an aspiring tv writer who has longed to marry Ruth, gather for a Passover seder.  At the seder, broken dreams of the past humorously collide with brighter hopes for the future.


The Cast

  • RUTH PACKER: Mid-30s, out of work social activist

  • NETTIE PACKER: Ruth’s mother, former singer

  • AARON PACKER: Ruth’s brother, late 30s, not Bob Dylan

  • BEN PACKER: Ruth’s father, Zipper fixer

  • MARK STEIN: Mid-30s, TV writer wannabee

  • OZZIE GOLDMAN: 60s, wise family friend

The Setting
The Packer household in an east coast city.  Passover, the present.



Barry Brodsky's All Other Nights

ISBN #1-933159-86-3; JAC #2007-0004


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