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Trilogy by Rachael Brogan

ISBN #1-933159-77-4
JAC #2006-0027

Cast Requirements:

Part 1
  • Mandy, late 20s
  • Tammy, late 20s
  • Missy, late 20s
  • God, female
  • Demon, male or female
  • Satan, male
  • Brad, high school senior
  • Kylie, high school senior
  • Kelsey, high school sophomore
  • Becky, high school senior
Part 2
  • Mandy (same)
  • Tammy (same)
  • Missy (same)
  • God (same)
  • Receptionist, female
  • Satan, male
  • John, teen
  • Sara, teen
  • Elizabeth, teen
  • Abigail, teen
  • Judge, male
* All the roles with the exception of Mandy, Missy and Tammy should be doubled.
The younger roles can be played by any age, as long as they appear youthful.


The afterlives have merged due to a lack of funding. Now, God and Satan are a team, having to keep all disasters at bay until some space in eternity opens up. Three unlikely heroes are summoned to save mankind not once, but twice.

The Setting


Purgatory/Hell/Salem Mass. 1692

Author Biography
Rachael Brogan received her BA in theater from the University of Iowa and an MFA in playwriting from UCLA. She is a two time winner of the George Burns and Gracie Allen Fellowship in Comedy, a Dini Ostov Stage Spirit recipient and a 2006 Eugene O'Neil Playwrights Conference Finalist. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her loves: Casey and Laddy.

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Rachael Brogan's Trilogy

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