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The Seduction of Thomas Sorrell by T.F. Cahill

ISBN #1-60513-040-0


  • THOMAS J. SORRELL: U.S. Supreme Court Justice. A taciturn, reserved man of 62.
  • DEAN FLETCHER: Dean of law school
  • JANICE KITTERIDGE: Portrait Painter, age 48
  • JASON ROBERTS: Brash personal injury attorney
  • JIM WRIGHT: Dean of Housing for the law school
  • MARGARET SORRELL: Wife of Tom Sorrell. Cold and removed.
  • WILLIAM HARRIS: Law Clerk to Judge Sorrell


The Seduction of Thomas Sorrell is a story of a man on the brink of achieving the very highest judicial honor possibleó becoming Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Courtó when he arrives in San Francisco to teach a Summer course at a local law school. Away from Washington and his wife, Margaret, he meets a local artist, Janice Kitteridge. While sitting with her for his portrait, he reveals to her the emptiness of his life. Janice, in turn, gives him a lump of clay and encourages him to sculpt. By working the clay, his emotions begin to unfold, and life becomes new, exciting and fun for him. He wants to be free; to give up the law and live an artistís life...and to love Janice. Janice loves him, too.

When Sorrellís wife unexpectedly comes to town to see his portrait unveiled by the law school, he feels betrayed. He later discovers a truth which forces him to believe that Janice is no different that the other vultures that pick and pull at him.

The Seduction of Thomas Sorrell is a story of seduction by a law school, a painter, and even a manís wife. Yet Sorrell is not blameless; he has shaped and been shaped by his marriage to Margaret and his devotion to the law. He is pushed and pulled by two women vying for his affections. In the end, he has to make a choice, knowing that whatever choice he makes, he will lose.


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The Seduction of Thomas Sorrell

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