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Going to Tibet by T.F. Cahill

ISBN #1-60513-050-8


  • DUNCAN: Father of Alison and husband of Miriam. He has a pony tail and wears a tie-dyed shirt. Love beads dangle around his neck.
  • MIRIAM: Wife of Duncan. She is a judge.
  • ALISON: Only child of Duncan and Miriam.
  • SUSAN HARRISON: Clerk to Miriam. She is a young, attractive and earnest woman.
  • SAM MILLER: Young man from Synatco. He is a tall, good-looking man and wears a dark suit.
  • COMMISSIONER CLARKSON: Investigating Judicial Commissioner. He is a big, gruff-looking man.
  • WILLIAM (BILL) DENNING: Medical doctor and boyfriend of Alison. He wears a stethoscope around his neck.


Poor Duncan Peters! Life will not be the same for him once his wife, Miriam Fischer, becomes a state Supreme Court judge and their daughter, Alison, follows her fiancé, Dr. Bill Denning, to Africa to aid the sick and poor. Its not that he begrudges Miriam a judicial appointment or Alison working to alleviate the suffering of others, but his comfortable life as a counter-culture software inventor will be forever disrupted. He’s wistful for the old days when he and Miriam were young and lived in an ashram, when he gave her a beautiful crystal, the Pink Kunzite. But a commissioner from the Judicial Council is coming (the next) day to interview his family and others are worried. Judge Fischer’s law clerk, Susan, frets that Duncan’s long hair, love beads and crystals will sink Miriam’s nomination. She schemes with Bill to get Duncan out of town. With the help of his protégé, Sam Miller, Duncan leaves for Tibet, not wanting to jeopardize Miriam’s chances for the high court. Through it all is the question of love. Alison thinks she loves Bill, and Susan thinks she loves Sam. Sam doesn’t believe in love, and Miriam thinks their pairings are all wrong. How will it all work out with Duncan in Tibet and the commissioner coming? And will Miriam still love Duncan once he gives the Pink Kunzite to Alison?


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Going to Tibet by T.F. Cahill

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