Miracle of Faith by Carla Charter

Miracle of Faith is set on Christmas Eve in a neighborhood church in a poor section of town where an elderly woman encounters two strangers, adrift in the world with no place to spend the night.
The story will always hold a special place in Charter's heart as the main character, Esther, is the only one of her characters who has appeared in a dream banging her cane, demanding her story be told. And when Esther speaks, people listen! So here is her story. Visit Carla Charter's Miracle of Faith website!


Cast of Characters
PASTOR: 30-35; Religious leader of the North Side Church; dealing with his own personal faith crisis
ESTHER: 96-year-old parishioner of the church who has rock-solid faith
MARIA: 16-17; a pregnant visitor to the church’s Christmas Eve service. Jusef’s wife
JUSEF: 18-19; a visitor to the church’s Christmas Eve service. Maria’s husband
MARK: 30-40; a homeless man living at the shelter in the basement of the church; a friend of Henry’s
HENRY: 60-70; a homeless man living at the shelter in the basement of the church; harbors a painful secret; a friend of Mark’s
PETER: 40-50; Church choirmaster and organist; also composes his own usical pieces and teaches music at the local Hancock School
SAM: A middle-aged church parishioner; always happy and upbeat
KATHERINE: The church secretary; very caring, friendly and organized
JOEJOE: Early adult; a juvenile delinquent; unofficial foster son of Esther’s
POPS: 40-45; owner of the local soda shop/store
LOUIS: 4-year-old son of Annie
MR. McCLOUGH: Graying middle-aged banker
EVELYN: 40-50; former girlfriend of Peter
ANNIE: 20-22; Louis’ mother; financially struggling
IBRAHAM: 50-55; owner of the neighborhood junk yard
A VOICE: A deep, “God-like” voice which appears in parishioners’ dreams
MAYOR: 50-60; Mayor of the city
SUPERINTENDENT: 30; runs the city’s schools; always impeccably dressed
POLICE CHIEF: 50-55; Police Chief for the city
SECRETARY: Secretary at the local chamber of commerce; always harried and slightly annoyed
CLERK: 25-30; Clerk at the post office
GENTLEMAN: Front person at the symphony office; haughty and slightly disbelieving
BUSINESSMAN 1 & 2: Men who accompany Mr. McClough to the North Side to look for an inexpensive place for a start-up business
TEENS 1-4: Teens who are just on the edges of becoming delinquent; found trying to hot-wire a car
PARISHONERS 1-3: Two men and one woman; any ages; speak at a church service after the state visits the area.

The Setting

Various locations throughout a poor section of town

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