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Broken Bands of Gold by Michelle De Leon

ISBN #1-60513-234-9
JAC #2013-0012

The Cast

  • NARRATOR: A man or woman of indiscriminate age.

  • JEMMA: Separated woman in her late twenties

  • JEFFREY: Separated man in her late twenties

  • KEIVA: A woman, maybe middle-aged; secure in herself and her beliefs

  • KARISSA: A bold young woman, perhaps a bit petulant.

  • LEAH: A fit young woman, happy in her marriage, but not immune to temptation.

  • LARSON: A fit young man, persistent.

  • MARTINE: A woman a little past middle-age who has just undergone a double mastectomy.

  • MORRIS: A man a little past middle-age. Martine’s ex-husband.

  • NORAH: Nigel’s wife, determined.

  • NIGEL: Norah’s husband, learning.

  • OMAR: Re-married to Octavia, in his mid-forties.

  • OCTAVIA: Re-married to Omar, in her mid-forties.


Broken Bands of Gold: The Stage Play depicts the lives of six families in various stages of standing for marriage restoration. The book is an Inspirational guide which explains why God says marriage is holy; how to stand with Jesus in the gap as you work and wait in faith for restoration and how to consult the Holy Spirit in order to keep your marriage intact once restoration has manifested. Simple scenes with a powerful impact, the stage production is a great ministry tool and a creative way of sharing the testimonies of millions of couples worldwide. It was a joy to create both the inspirational book Broken Bands of Gold— Restoring the Covenant, and the play. So many standers, myself included, can personally relate to some or all of what these couples are going through and the stage is a perfect place to tell these types of stories. It is a production meant to educate, encourage and entertain. May it bless everyone!  This play is dedicated to the countless men and women who have the courage to believe in our God at all costs. Your stand is not in vain. Victory is yours!


The Setting
Settings are described in the introduction of each piece.

  • Scene 1: (Page 7) JEFF and JEMMA tackle explaining what standing is and how the prodigal spouse may not understand or agree with it. Jeff is highly upset that his estranged wife has raised their children’s hopes with talk of God reconciling them, but Jemma is adamant that she is praying for and believing in the rebirth of their marriage because God has promised it in His Word and confirmed it through His deeds.

  • Scene 2: (Page 12) A luncheon date between KEIVA, the stander, and KARISSA, the woman with whom her husband has become involved with during their separation. Karissa makes an attempt to get Keiva to back off and allow her and Keiva’s husband to be happy, but Keiva explains how God is not a man that He should lie and if He said that she’ll have the testimony of restoration then she will continue to battle until it happens. However, Keiva lets Karissa know that she is not the enemy and that she prays for Karissa just as much as she prays for the salvation and deliverance of her husband.

  • Scene 3: (Page 16) LEAH deals with temptation as her long time friend and personal trainer, LARSON, offers her the companionship she’s missing as she waits on God. In this scenario, we see not only prodigals are prone to seeking love in the all the wrong places. After a momentary lapse, Leah continues to stand her ground and the enemy is once again defeated.

  • Scene 4: (Page21) MORRIS and MARTINE are ex-spouses. Martine selfishly left her covenant mate and remarried, but after her second husband abandons her during a health crisis, she is moved by the Holy Spirit to repent for her sins and to seek the forgiveness of the man who never stopped standing for their victory despite divorce.

  • Scene 5: (Page 25) NIGEL and NORAH are a couple who have decided to live together again in an attempt to jump start restoration. Life is rocky as Nigel is overcome by the fear of failure, but his wife continues to hold fast to the Word given to her by God and prophesied by many. Dogged out by his wilderness experiences, Norah has to reassure her prodigal that they can conquer the enemy together.

  • Scene 6: (Page 32) OMAR and OCTAVIA are celebrating the renewing of their vows, but Octavia’s holier than thou attitude threatens to ruin their new relationship right from the start. She is reminded that although she was a willing participant when called to stand, that doesn’t make her better than Omar who was deceived by the enemy in many ways. It is a lesson well learned as she has to confess her own sins to her beloved.

About this Playwright

Michelle De Leon is the author of Broken Bands of Gold – Restoring the Covenant, We Never Danced to a Love Psalm, Like a Psalm Out of Tune, Evangie’s Fortune, Once Upon a Family Tree, Love to the Third and Missed Conceptions. She also is a contributing writer at OpalFusionMag.com. Currently she is working on her third stage play and her first screenplay. A graduate from City College of New York, she now resides in the Atlanta area with her husband, Joseph Deaqon, and their daughters, Jasmine Olivia and Kierstin Reese.


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Broken Bands of Gold by Michelle De Leon

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