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Philosophical Differences by Robert A. Eiland

ISBN #1-933159-19-7
JAC #2005-0015

Cast Requirements:

  • SAM KLEIN: 40-something Jewish poet and intellectual who is a retired publisher / entrepreneur, and is self-analytical and critical to a fault
  • JACKIE HUMPHREY: Attractive 30-something advertising executive, smart, usually gentle, sincere, loyal, can tend to drink a little much sometimes, but not an alcoholic
  • TERI MORELLI: 30-something, attractive, earthy, sexy, playful, impulsive with a major wild side and a temper
  • RUTHIE MEYERS: 30-something Jewish doctor and ex-wife to Sam, smart, reasonably worldly-wise, warm and a little lacking in self-confidence
  • KIM PORTER: Experienced, extroverted psychic who completely trusts in her visions and intuitions, feels a calling to help people, and enjoys convincing non-believers
  • MRS. ALICE HUMPHREY: Matronly, old-fashioned, status-conscious mother of Jackie obsessed with her toy poodle Toto and focused on doing right by her dying husband
  • MR. RALPH HUMPHREY: Conservative, devoutly Catholic, intolerant, loving father to Jackie and husband to Alice
  • DICKIE DUNWAT / PETIE DUNWAT: Wacky twins always happy to shake a hand and be center of attention
  • NURSE JANE: Has that world-weary, nothing-phases-me, howsabout-a-few-laughs-to-pass-the-time thing going
  • WAITRESS: Loves to eavesdrop and tries, not quite successfully, to be cool about it
  • LION: Party-starter dancer at Cool Cats who likes to flaunt being gay
  • ANDROCLES: Lion’s partner who quietly digs Lion’s flaunting
  • COOL CATS DANCERS: Out for a good time
  • TIME DANCER(S): In charge of the scene change signs, conveying the lyrical “dance of time”


It may be a long off-season for poet Sam Klein. He just can't seem to hit Fate's change-ups, and now he's whiffed in the game of marriage -- again. Third divorce. The good news? At a chance meeting in a shrink's office, a psychic senses that Sam and the lovely young woman in the next seat have loved and lost each other countless times over myriad lifetimes. Jackie's her name. Sure enough some months later, Sam and Jackie meet again -- for the first time they think. Soon he's in love anew. And we know love is grand! But -- wouldn't you know it -- she's involved with someone. Teri's her name. Figures. But down is not out. Sam and Jackie become fast friends, and discover they both have desperately wanted to parent a child. “Tick tick tick,” says the biological clock. What follows are angst, laughs, poetry and complications.

The Setting

Time and timelessness. Those are the themes of the set decor. Misty colors fading into shadows, soft whirlwinds of clouds, suggestions of clocks, of ghosts.... The play is to be played on a virtually open stage, with the minimum necessary furniture moved in or out as each scene requires. An easel is set at one downstage corner on which signs will indicate the settings. The Time Dancer(s) pirouette(s) on stage as scenes are transitioning to make visible the appropriate sign. The opening sign says simply, “PHILOSOPHICAL DIFFERENCES.”

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$35/performance royalty

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Bob EilandAuthor Biography
BOB EILAND has published three plays, all "dramadies," with JAC Publishing and Promotions. Philosophical Differences was recognized with an Honorable Mention in the Writers Digest script competition, and was accepted for production by Stageloft Repertory Theatre for its New Playwrights Competition.
Super Cooper and Star Bright received staged readings in Northborough, MA and Harvard, MA respectively. They are all available for purchase on amazon.com. He is a current member of the Merrimack Valley Playwrights group in Lowell, and Founder/ex-President of a Shakespeare-in-the-Park theater group in Medfield, MA, the Gazebo Players. Bob has been active as a director, producer and actor for many years. He directed The Miracle Worker, To Kill a Mockingbird and The Night of the Iguana at Arlington Friends of the Drama, as well as Androcles and the Lion, Murder Has Been Arranged and The Most Dangerous Woman, a one-woman play about Mother Jones written by his father, Ted Eiland, at other venues around Boston and Worcester. He directs, produces and acts in staged readings of Old Time Radio scripts at his home town library in Harvard, MA annually. As an actor, he has performed as Charly in Flowers for Algernon, John Proctor in The Crucible, Ford in Merry Wives of Windsor, Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing, Duke Orsino in Twelfth Night, Biff in Death of a Salesman, and Mortimer in Arsenic and Old Lace. His film work include principal roles in Michael Legge's Braindrainer, Night Basement and Alien Agenda: Under the Skin; as well as in Teja Arboleda's Got Race!

Check out Eiland's latest release: The Stone Girl!

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