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Super Cooper by Robert A. Eiland

ISBN #1-933159-62-6
JAC #2006-0012

Cast of Characters

  • CAL "COOP" COOPER: About to turn 30; a little schlupy, paunchy, balding. Raised Jewish by his adoptive parents. Aspires to be above average. He has grown up thinking he suffers from a rare disease for which he takes weekly shots concocted by his Uncle Jack. Conflict-averse, likes to please others. Starting to go through huge physical (i.e. hormonal) and emotional changes, and is freaked out by them.
  • LANA LINCOFF: 30ish; Cal's childhood sweetheart. Down-to-earth, warm, positive: a home body. Lost her parents and little sister in a car accident. (Since Cal thinks he lost his birth parents in an accident, too, this has been a powerful bond between them.) She attends self-help support groups and workshops, and is always up on the latest trend and the jargon.
  • LOIS LANAGAN: 30s; the only survivor from Cal's real home. Cool, incredibly smart, overly confident, a little distant, athletic, beautiful, full of British charm. Sometimes awkwardl straightforward. Adopted and home-schooled by a Russian astrophysicist who moved to Great Britain so as not to work on Russia's nuclear arsenal.
  • LEXIE LUTERMAN: Cal's best friend since elementary school. Still a big kid at heart and Sherwood's on Mr. Wiseguy. Always coming up with harebrained schemes to make money; always has a wisecrack at a tense moment - the perfect personality for his sales job at the steel mill. Give him an Iron City beer, a hot dog, a hot ate and a Pittsburg Pirates game, and he's in heaven. Seems a simple, heart-on-his-sleeve type, but harbors depths and deviousness.
  • MA COOPER: 60s. A conventional, working Jewish woman who took on an extraordinary responsibility in her early 30s by adopting Cal. Unwilling to accept her child could be a "freak," she prevailed upon her brother Jack to develop a serum to suppress Cal's special abilities. Has a rather black-and-white set of standards. Domineering in a charming kind of way, expert in the art of applying guilt to gain her ends. But her love, for all its burrs, is unrelenting in its loyalty.
  • POP COOPER: 60s-70s. Kind-hearted, dedicated, a stroke victim with a gentle wisdom and humor that belies his modesty and simple life. Never quite able to stand up to his wife, but always has loved her devotedly. Conveys duances and depth with extremely limited vocabulary. Dignified, and a little melancholy.
  • UNCLE JACK: 60s. Wild card, maverick, nomad, hold-out quasi-hippie scientist with offbeat humor and lifestyle. A lavish (incessant) storyteller and generous soul with adventures in his past that only the worst Philistine wouldn't find fascinating. Wears the "Uncle" tag proudly, and takes family responsibilities seriously. His love for his sister is bordered by resentment.
  • SHANNON: Late teens-20s. Sweet, responsible, sprightly and romantic; can wisecrack with the best of 'em, and take a stand when pushed too far. A classic snow-town girl, former cheerleader and prom queen. An oldest child who would go to the ends of the earth for her friends. Has an unfortunate habit of picking Mr. Wrong with almost every boyfriend.
  • MATSON: 30-50. A consummate actor and master of a variety of accents and disguises, he plays his "roles" with relish, pararing backstories, gestures and wardrobes for each. Fearless, witty, dependable, committed to his causes.


He put the lump in schlump. That's Cal Cooper, small town man-boy always at the ready behind the counter of his dad's butcher shop, a place where most folks aren't what they seem. Lately Coop's been getting the weirdest cravings: for toothpaste, cigarette butts, even ammonia! Not to mention for Lana, his fiancee. It all seems to correspond with the recent shortage of the peculiar green serum his adoptive parents have been giving him since he was a baby. And with the entrance onto the scene of the very British, sexy but not very kosher Lois Lanagan. Soon Coop, much to his wonderment and consternation, finds he is able to do things he could never do before. Like sense what people are thinking, hypnotize virtually anyone at will, perform inhuman feats of strength, Cal's best friend Lexie loves watching him tear phone books in half. If only Cal could fly! Oh well. So what has he become? Not a bird. Not a plane. It's Super Cooper. A warm comedy about family and social consciousness. For the hero inside of us all.

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Bob EilandAuthor Biography
BOB EILAND has published three plays, all "dramadies," with JAC Publishing and Promotions. Philosophical Differences was recognized with an Honorable Mention in the Writers Digest script competition, and was accepted for production by Stageloft Repertory Theatre for its New Playwrights Competition.
Super Cooper and Star Bright received staged readings in Northborough, MA and Harvard, MA respectively. They are all available for purchase on amazon.com. He is a current member of the Merrimack Valley Playwrights group in Lowell, and Founder/ex-President of a Shakespeare-in-the-Park theater group in Medfield, MA, the Gazebo Players. Bob has been active as a director, producer and actor for many years. He directed The Miracle Worker, To Kill a Mockingbird and The Night of the Iguana at Arlington Friends of the Drama, as well as Androcles and the Lion, Murder Has Been Arranged and The Most Dangerous Woman, a one-woman play about Mother Jones written by his father, Ted Eiland, at other venues around Boston and Worcester. He directs, produces and acts in staged readings of Old Time Radio scripts at his home town library in Harvard, MA annually. As an actor, he has performed as Charly in Flowers for Algernon, John Proctor in The Crucible, Ford in Merry Wives of Windsor, Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing, Duke Orsino in Twelfth Night, Biff in Death of a Salesman, and Mortimer in Arsenic and Old Lace. His film work include principal roles in Michael Legge's Braindrainer, Night Basement and Alien Agenda: Under the Skin; as well as in Teja Arboleda's Got Race!

Check out Eiland's latest release: The Stone Girl!

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