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First Kiss by Rick A. Elina

ISBN #1-60513-019-2
JAC #2008-001

The Cast
  • TIM/NARRATOR: Male, early thirties. Sits stationary and reacts to all scenes before him.
  • YOUNGER TIM*: Male, ages thirteen to eighteen
  • OLDER TIM*: Male ages twenty-one to early thirties
  • BUCKY**: Male, ages thirteen years to eighteen
  • BUCKY**: Male, ages twenty-one to early thirties
  • ALANA***: A young girl, thirteen years old
  • DANA***: A young girl, sixteen years old
  • LORI***: A young woman, eighteen years old
  • HORTENSE***: A young woman, twenty-one years old
  • BETH***: A young woman, twenty-five years old
  • GREG: A young male, eighteen years old
  • ANNOUNCER: Any gender. Can be pre-recorded.

*Can be played by the same male actor; **Can be played by the same male actor; ***Can be played by the same female actor


First Kiss reminds us that the most poignant relationships of our lives cannot be fully understood until we reach a point where we can safely look back. Our first kisses, Tim claims, are predictive of those relationships—harbingers of joy and sorrow, of love and loss. As the narrator of this play, Tim invites us to join him on his personal journey of first kisses as his story unfolds on the stage in a series of vignettes. First Kiss is a multi-layered story full of humor and pathos, a bittersweet story of a man who is both singular and universal in his being. Before our eyes, Tim, the man, becomes transformed into Everyman, and First Kiss is revealed as an allegory that crosses the barriers of time and space to remind us of the enduring transcendence of love.


The Setting

Present day circa 2006; flashbacks




About This Playwright
is a playwright based in Plano, TX and is the Theatre Critic for the North Dallas Gazette. Elina also has a one-act available throught JAC... Donkey in Horse Heaven!

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First Kiss by Rick A. Elina

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