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Call it Even by Lauren Ennis

ISBN #1-60513-241-1
JAC #2013-0016


Cast of Characters

  • GEORGE RUSSELL: George is a successful businessman in his mid-thirties. He is attractive as well as charming, cunning and ruthless in both his professional and personal life. He has little regard for his wife, Audrey, and resents her independence and devotion to her career. He maintains numerous connections to organized crime which he uses to his advantage in advancing his career.

  • AUDREY RUSSELL: Audrey is a tabloid writer at the Los Angeles Times who hopes to obtain a position as a reporter. She maintains a level of sophistication despite her husband’s insistence that she is an unrefined ‘Okie’. She is also in her mid-thirties and attractive.

  • RHONDA CLARK: Rhonda is a former starlet turned taxi-dancer. She is sultry, ambitious, and in many ways George’s female counterpart. She is in her late twenties.

  • JAKE SAWYER: Jake is George’s lawyer and best friend. Although he is involved in George’s schemes, he lacks George’s ruthlessness and is generally ruled by his conscience. He is in his mid-thirties and average in appearance.

  • OLLIE: Ollie is a local mob boss who owns the Blue Canary Dancehall. He is violent, and intimidating.

  • KAY: Kay is Audrey’s best friend and co-worker. She is intelligent, sarcastic, and a loyal friend. She is in her early thirties and average in appearance.

  • TED: Ted is the bartender at the Blue Canary. He is amiable and does his best to look out for the dancehall’s other employees.

  • PSYCHIATRIST: Audrey’s psychiatrist.

  • PROSECUTOR: A local prosecutor.

  • DEFENSE: Rhonda’s attorney.

  • JUDGE: A local judge.

  • DANCER ONE: A taxi-dancer.

  • DANCER TWO: A taxi-dancer.

  • NEWSBOY: A newsboy.



A play chronicling the events leading up to the murder of mob-connected businessman George Russell in 1940s Los Angeles. The play starts with George and his friend/business partner, Jake, trying to obtain financial backing for a casino they plan to open. George uses his mob connections to secure backing from local gangster and dancehall owner, Ollie. While arranging business with Ollie, George meets and begins an affair with former starlet turned taxi-dancer Rhonda, despite the fact that he is married to tabloid writer Audrey. In order to avoid the expenses of a divorce while financing a comeback for Rhonda, George forms a scheme to have Audrey institutionalized in a mental hospital despite her seemingly sound mental health. When Audrey discovers George’s plan she and Jake create their own plot to obtain revenge.



  • Carmarillo State Mental Hospital: The office is spacious, and sparsely furnished, containing only a wooden desk and matching chair, a bookshelf, and a small couch. The only decoration on the walls is a framed copy of the psychiatrist’s certificate. The office also contains a window that overlooks the front grounds of the hospital.
  • Blue Canary Dancehall: The dancehall contains a large hardwood floor and numerous tables with small lamps on them. It is decorated in a tropical style with paper models of exotic birds hanging from the ceiling and numerous fake palm trees.
  • Ollie’s Office: The office is a modest size and contains a large table and several leather chairs.
  • The Den of George and Audrey’s House: The den is furnished with a coffee table, writing desk, sofa, and two leather chairs.
  • Jake’s Office: The office is furnished with a modest desk, two chairs and a small bookshelf.
  • Rhonda’s Apartment: It is small, sparsely furnished with a worn sofa, a counter top, a small table and a record player.
  • The Living Room of George and Audrey’s House: The room is spacious and elaborately furnished with a grand piano, liquor cabinet, a sofa, several chairs, a radio, a large mantle containing a mirror, and a chandelier.
  • The Main Office of the Los Angeles Times: The office contains numerous workstations made up of desks and typewriters.
  • The Blue Canary Dressing Room: The dressing room contains a large vanity with a matching mirror that is lined with chairs, and a closet containing the dancer’s outfits.
  • George and Audrey’s Bedroom: The bedroom contains a large bed, a vanity, a closet, and a nightstand. Atop the nightstand is a phone.
  • Dr. Maclean’s Office: The office is small and contains a desk and two matching chairs. The walls are adorned with various photos of Freud, Jung, and women allegedly suffering from hysteria. On the wall behind the desk is a framed copy of the doctor’s psychiatric license.
  • Mocambo Nightclub: The club is decorated in a Latin American theme including glass cages filled with exotic birds, imitation flowers, and palm trees.
  • George and Audrey’s Garage: The garage is dark and littered with various yard tools and other items.
  • Library: A public library containing several aisles of books and a table to read at.
  • Courtroom: The courtroom contains a twelve seat jury box, two chairs behind the jury box, a large desk at which the judge sits, and a raised seat next to the judge’s desk that serves as a witness stand.
Call It Even by Lauren Ennis

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About this Playwright

LAUREN ENNIS is an editor at a private investigation firm specializing in insurance fraud. She has written four plays and two screenplays, two of which have been published with JAC Publishing. She has also written numerous poems, including two which were featured in the Local Artist Showcase at the Open Theater Project. She has been acting since high school and has recently been featured in productions with Spotlight Playhouse in Haverhill, MA.  Have you read Ennis' other full-length drama Through Enemy Eyes?

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