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Through Enemy Eyes by Lauren Ennis

ISBN #1-60513-198-9
JAC #2013-0002


Cast of Characters

  • LORELEI DETWEILER: A Nazi agent working undercover while teaching college. She is intelligent but naive, and a devoted fand her older sister, whom she greatly admires. She is in her late twenties and attractive, although ollower of Nazi ideology. She is eager to prove herself in the eyes of her country she initially dresses in a practical, almost dowdy fashion. She speaks with a thick German accent.

  • GERTRUDE DETWEILER: Loreleiís older sister who teaches college in Boston. She is confident, cold, and manipulative. Gertrude is a more established agent who manages the accounts of the Boston branch of their espionage organization and as such possesses more information about the regimeís actions than her younger sister. She is in her early to mid thirties and more obviously attractive than her sister. She also speaks with a thick German accent

  • HANK MORGAN: The American diplomat whom Lorelei is assigned to retrieve information from. He is intelligent, witty, and worldly. He enjoys the freedoms and activities of American life, which he introduces Lorelei to. He is in his early thirties and attractive.

  • PHYLLIS ĎPHYLí SMITH: A showgirl at the Cocoanut Grove speakeasy and longtime friend of Hankís. She is brassy and cynical.

  • EILEEN GARSON: A professor at Lasell who lives in the campus apartment next door to Lorelei. She is a vindictive gossip who is known for telling ridiculous tales and meddling in the lives of those around her.

  • FRIEDRICH STRASSER: A private detective in Boston who was once romantically involved with Gertrude. He fervently opposes the Third Reich and possesses a sarcastic wit. He is in his early to mid thirties. He speaks with a moderate German accent

  • VIVIAN JOHNSON: A student in Loreleiís class. She is sarcastic and rebellious, and proves to be a consistent source of tension in Loreleiís class.

  • DETECTIVE HUNT: A detective in the Boston Police Department. He is the Ďbad copí who uses various third degree techniques to his advantage.

  • DETECTIVE ANDREWS: Detective Huntís partner in the BPD. He is the Ďgood copí in the partnership and counterís Huntís abrasiveness by utilizing his more approachable manner.

  • JANE THOMPSON: A student in Loreleiís class and friend of Vivianís.

  • MISS WARNER: A student in Loreleiís class.

  • LUCY: A fellow professor and wisecracking friend of Eileenís.

  • DORIS: A fellow professor and friend of Eileenís.

  • BERT: A friend of Hankís.

  • KRISTINE: Modern day student at Lasell.

  • ALLY: Modern day student at Lasell.

  • NAZI AGENT: An unnamed



Lorelei Detweiler is a Nazi agent who works undercover as a language professor in Boston while simultaneously delivering and transmitting messages for the Third Reich. She is eventually assigned to form a relationship with an American diplomat which leads her to question her views and loyalty to her cause. Upon discovering the atrocities of the Nazi regime, she is ultimately forced to choose between the ideological and family ties of her past and the individualism and ideals she has encountered in the United States.



  • Lasell College Library: The library contains a table and several large bookshelves;
  • Boston Docks: The dock has low lighting and possibly dry ice to create the illusion of fog;
  • Gertrudeís Apartment: The apartment contains, a kitchen table, two matching chairs, a counter and sink.
  • Loreleiís Apartment: The apartment contains a small sofa, a coffee table, a radio, a desk and a window.
  • Classroom: The classroom contains a teacherís desk, several rows of desks, a blackboard and a window.
  • Hotel 1932: The hotel contains a refreshment table.
  • The Coconut Grove: The speakeasy is elaborately decorated with life-like palm trees and an array of tropical decorations on the walls and ceiling.
  • Park: The park contains a lamppost and several trees.
  • Restaurant: The restaurant contains several small tables and matching chairs.
  • Campus House Kitchen: The kitchen contains a table, two chairs, a stovetop and a percolator.
  • Faculty Lounge: The faculty lounge contains a large sofa and coffee table.
  • Hankís Apartment: The apartment contains a large sofa, a coat rack, a phonograph, a liquor cabinet, a clock and a coffee table.
  • Friedrichís Office: The office contains a large desk, a phone, and two chairs.
  • Movie Theater: The movie theater contains a ticket stand and chairs in the lobby and a projector and several rows of seats in the individual theaters.
  • Interrogation Room: The room contains a table, two chairs, and a large light.
  • Fire Escape: The fire escape entails a metal platform and connecting stairs.
  • Hotel 1942: The hotel contains a refreshment table, and a connecting balcony.
Through Enemy Eyes by Lauren Ennis

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About this Playwright

LAUREN ENNIS is an editor at a private investigation firm specializing in insurance fraud. She has written four plays and two screenplays, two of which have been published with JAC Publishing. She has also written numerous poems, including two which were featured in the Local Artist Showcase at the Open Theater Project. She has been acting since high school and has recently been featured in productions with Spotlight Playhouse in Haverhill, MA.  Have you read Ennis' other full-length drama Call It Even?


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