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A Rather Puzzling Murder by Jim Gordon

ISBN #1-60153-020-6
JAC #2008-0017

The Cast
  • SUSAN BAXTER: 35-40
  • ROBERT BAXTER: 40-50
  • JOAN BAXTER: 35-40
  • GEORGE BAXTER: 40-45
  • IDA BRODSKY: 28-32
  • TOM BRODSKY: 28-32
  • FIONA BAXTER: 40-45
  • LT. CARROLL: 50-65


Uncle Horace has died. Unloved in life, eccentric Horace (his coffin was built in the shape of a baseball) has decided to get even with his ungrateful nieces and nephews, by leaving each of them one part of a four-part puzzle that, if deciphered, will lead to a treasure. Robert, a “worthless and irresponsible scoundrel,” attempts to steal the clues from his unsuspecting relatives, but his plan is discovered, and he’s forced to join forces with his hated relatives. A dead body and a brain dead policeman enter the picture, but are unable to halt the search for the elusive treasure.

The Setting

Present day.

ACT I: With the exception of scene 6, all scenes take place in the living room in the home of Robert and Susan Baxter. Scene 6 takes place on the same set, but in an area that, when lighted, represents Fiona Baxter’s living room.

ACT II: Scene 1 - 3 – The living room in the home of Robert and Susan Baxter.

Playwright Bio
JIM GORDON turned from acting to playwriting in 2000. His first full-length play won Colonial Players Theatre's Promising Playwright Award and was given a successful production at their theater in Annapolis, Md. Since then, his plays have won or been finalists in more than 60 national and international competitions and all have been produced. A number of his full-length and one-act plays have been published and his short plays appear in Smith and Kraus' Best Short Plays of 2005 and Best Short Plays of 2006. Gordon received the Alan Minieri Award for Playwriting Excellence from the American Globe Theatre in New York City. His university credits include a bachelor of science degree in theater arts from the State University of New York and a master of fine arts degree from Fairfield University. Gordon is a member of The Dramatists Guild.

A Rather Puzzling Murder

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