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The Trials of Clarence Darrow by Paul D. Hauck

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  • CLARENCE DARROW: In this play Darrow is portrayed at various stages of his career. He begins the play addressing the audience as an older man reflecting back on his life. Where indicated in the play he takes on a younger demeanor as if returning to an earlier point in his career. At times he takes on other characters but this is effected entirely through voice and accent without any change in costume. In the final scene he returns to the gait and posture of the aging Darrow seen at the opening.


This is a one-man play that traces the legal career of Clarence Darrow, arguably the most famous trial lawyer in American history. It introduces him at the end of his career and briefly recaps his education and entry into the legal profession. The first act reviews his work as the most effective legal advocate for workers rights and the union movement, as well as covering his gradual disillusionment with the legal and political system leading to his indictment for attempting to bribe jurors. The second act covers his trial on these charges and his return to the practice of general law, including his handling of the Scopes trial, the Ossian Sweet murder trial, and the Leopold and Loeb murder trials.

Production History

Trials of Clarence Darrow: A One Man Play was first presented in Sacramento (CA) in January, 2004 by the T Street Players; Jim Hinrichsen, Director, with playwright Paul Hauck performing the role of Clarence Darrow.


About the Playwright

Paul D. HauckPaul Hauck, actor and playwright, has performed at Sacramento's Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre in Camping with Henry and Tom as 'Henry Ford' and as 'Zack' in Thomas M. Kelly's The Timekeeper. He has appeared in several local theaters, his favorite roles being 'Mr. Green' in Visiting Mr. Green, 'Von Helsing' in Dracula, 'Insp. Ruffing' in Ravenscroft, 'Elwood P. Dowd' in Harvey, and 'Ebenezer Scrooge' in A Christmas Carol.

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The Trials of Clarence Darrow

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“...a deep, meaty look into the complex life of a great lawyer.” - Jeff Hudson, Sacramento News and Review – four out of five stars.

“...builds a path through the most significant legal trials of Darrow’s life, offering an impeccable summary of a complex personality and drawing a line of moral consistency through the best and worst of Darrow’s behavior.” - Mario Echevarria, San Francisco Tribune
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