Turning Out by Robert D. Hensley


Bobbie D. is a New York-based fashion designer on the cusp of fame and fortune, what she thought she always wanted. Her work is being seen on all the right people, and shown in all of the right places. Her live-in studio has become a hive of activity… including the hysterical accidental death of a reporter by a well-thrown Prada shoe.  Along with her best friend Elke, who is also her trusted assistant, Bobbie must now deal with the fact that while new to fame, she is now a controversial figure. With fame and controversy, comes a very real threat that the press could uncover her dark and carefully hidden past. Bobbie makes the decision to run, moving her base of operations to Los Angeles. She is hoping that by moving that she can escape the press and leave the past where it is. However, skilled investigative reporter Graydon Griffin has other ideas. Unbeknownst to Bobbie, their paths have crossed before, and he plans to have them cross again. Following her to the West Coast, Graydon corners Bobbie in an exclusive interview that reveals her tragic past. Supported by her mother and her best friend, Bobbie lays it all out for the dashing sleuth. As with all things, Bobbie’s past was not her undoing, and telling the truth has set her free. Although it wasn’t how she thought being famous would be, all things considered, it’s turning out just fine.


The Cast

  • BOBBIE D. is the “it” fashion designer of the moment, creating gorgeous clothes for what she likes to term “the boobs & butt” consumer. She is in her late-20s to early-30s, robust with fair skin. While she has a keen eye for fashion and good design, she is still fairly naive as to the ways of the world. A past tragedy has forced her to live behind the tallest and strongest wall imaginable. Longing for fame and fortune, Bobbie hasn’t thought much about how to keep her secret, nor has she made time or space in her life for romance, although she wants nothing more than to be loved.

  • ELKE is Bobbie’s link to reality, and the one person that she truly trusts. Instant friends from the moment they met, Elke has always been Bobbie’s support group and fan club all in one. A robust, young African American woman in her late-20s or early30s, Elke considers herself a “large and lovely ebony princess”. Her dreams are being fulfilled through her relationship with Bobbie.

  • MORRIS is a functioning alcoholic and a writer. He wishes he had the guts to write his own novel, instead of working for a weekly rag. He swears he could be the next Hemingway. In his mid to late forties, his weakness is not just for liquor, but for women, especially those women who seem to bring him some measure of success. While his sights were set on Bobbie, hers were not on him, and a terrible accident ensues.

  • MAUREEN is the beaten down wife of Morris. A bitter woman in her forties, she is fighting to live an normal, average life despite the twisted relationship that she has with her husband. She places no blame for the accident, but needs to make herself known, and reap whatever she can from Morris’ interaction with Bobbie. The worst part about her encounter with Bobbie is that she can see what Morris saw in the designer, but she refuses to be defeated.

  • MARCIA is Morris’ other wife, and the sister to Maureen. It’s never been an ideal situation, but it’s worked out for everyone thus far. In her mid forties, she is a beautifully crafted socialite with a weakness for clothes, and she is a huge fan of Bobbie’s work. She also holds no one in particular to blame. Her only concern is knowing the truth and moving on with her life. There is so much more for her than to mourn for Morris.

  • MR. McNICOL is the feisty “playtime pal” of Bobbie’s downstairs neighbor, Gracey. He is as wild as they come and not at all bashful!

  • DALE ETTA is Bobbie’s eccentric mother. She is a southern belle that couldn’t care less if she’s getting older. She’s in her early-50s and has had a difficult life, but that hasn’t gotten her down or made her bitter. It has made her tough, though. She loves her daughter, and even though she wishes that she could shield her from the world, she has no idea of how to accomplish that. She shows up when it counts.

  • GRAYDON is a stealthy reporter, and probably the only other person aside from Bobbie’s family that knows her secret. That makes this handsome thirty year old very dangerous. He manages to corner his prey, but Bobbie doesn’t take to being caught easily. His interest is not only in the story, but the woman. He has a cathartic interest in the truth.

Darin Anthony, Artistic Director, The Blank Theater Co.’s Living Room Series says, “Turning Out is a very accomplished script."

Chane’t Johnson, Director, Living Room Series Reading says, "There are so many layers and emotions... Turning Out gives us so much to work with, and it’s very funny."

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Turning Out
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