The Cultivation of Succulents by Jim Hetrick


Howard, is an agoraphobic man living in the attic of his mother�s house. Since graduating from high school, Howard has never left his apartment. Jim was Howard�s friend all through high school, but since graduation, has became a teacher, moved to Maine, got married and divorced, and has moved back to town. A chance meeting of Jim and Howard�s mother in the local grocery store prompted Jim to pay his old friend a visit. He soon learns that spending time with Howard is like running into a buzz-saw� moments of tenderness and loneliness paired with sarcastic, biting wit, verbal abuse, and even physical violence. Still, Jim perseveres, and, after multiple visits to Howard�s apartment, he unwittingly uncovers the underlying reason for Howard�s agoraphobia, and ultimately helps him find the strength to leave his apartment and rejoin the world of the living.

Cast of Characters

  • HOWARD: 40s-50s; slightly overweight, with a pleasant appearance.
  • JIM: 40s-50s; average build and height. Not overweight
  • *YOUNG HOWARD: Fifteen & Seventeen
  • *YOUNG JIM: Fifteen & Seventeen
  • JIM�S MOM: (Voice over / Offstage Voice)
  • JANICE: 17
  • RANDALL CRANSTON: 17; a strapping, athletic-looking young man.

    * Directors may or may not choose to cast the same actors to portray both characters at different ages. Such a decision is left to the discretion of the respective Director and/or Producing Company.

The Setting

2004, an attic apartment. In the center of the room is a single bed with the foot facing downstage. A nightstand and floor lamp are to next to the bed. A big, double-hung window behind the bed and slightly off, giving the audience a clear view of it. Potted cactus plants are on the window sill. There are three doors in the room. There is the entrance to the room from the rest of the house, a walk-in closet, and a full bathroom. A dresser is seen, as well as a small counter with a sink, microwave, toaster and mini- fridge, and there are cabinets under the sink. There is also a roll-top desk and chair, and a stereo with speakers on the floor on either side of the bed. Every other inch of wall space is covered with bookshelves filled with books and magazines. Books are also on the nightstand and the desk. There is a phone on the desk, and a floor lamp is just downstage of the desk. Woven rugs are on the floor. Original and obviously amateur paintings are hung on the walls. There is an easel folded between the desk and wall. Paint supplies are on desk. A skylight, suggested by a baby spot during all present-day scenes, shines down on lower center stage. A small knick-knack shelf is filled with figurines. The room is cluttered, but is impeccably and spotlessly clean.

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The Cultivation of Succulents by Jim Hetrick

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