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WHACKED by Scott Stephen Kegler

ISBN #1-60513-251-9
JAC #2014-0003

Cast of Characters
MARTA: A conservatively dressed woman in her mid- to late-twenties.
JACK: An average young man in his mid– to late-twenties.
HANK: A boisterous man in his mid-fifties.
ALICE: Hank’s quaint wife.
DAVID: A smartly dressed man in his mid-fifties
BETH: David’s wife, an elegantly dressed woman in her mid-fifties
FATHER LAURENCE: An attractive young priest in his late-twenties.
JESUS BILL: A bearded man in his early-thirties, dressed in white robes.


Plot Summary
Whacked follows the life of Jack Murphy, whose wife walks in on a private moment and makes an embarrassing discovery the night before Thanksgiving. The next day, all the in-laws come to celebrate and promptly notice something is not quite right in the Murphy’s little love nest, so they decide to play the parental guessing game. The family of course overshoots numerous times causing the pressure to mount and explode into an array of immoral confessions, misguided religious interventions and plenty of excessive holiday drinking. A Thanksgiving farce stuffed full of sex, family, awkwardness and hilariously needless shame. In the end, the message is clear that (of course) everyone is blameless for their own self-gratification— but that doesn’t make it good dinner conversation.


The Setting
The Murphy household. Suggested stage plan: The front door entering into the house hold is up stage left. There is a couch center stage with two arm chairs and bar stage right. There is a dining table set upstage right. The entrance to the kitchen is stage right, a up stage center exit to both the bathroom and There is a great deal of clutter spread around the room. However, the room is also set with some cheesy decorations for the Thanksgiving holiday, including a large plastic turkey. There is a bottle of wine and flowers on the dining table. There is music playing that is coming from off stage left, which is muffled by a closed door.


About This Playwright

SCOTT STEPHEN KEGLER is a comedian, event entertainer, and published playwright. His works have been performed throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York City. Most recently his works Lunatics, Lover’s and Poets as well as A Cup of Joe at the Iffy Fish have been well received. He is known for his absurd, high energy style and willingness to leave no comedic stone unturned. When he is not creating new laughs for the audience, he’s most likely juggling everything at home with his wife, his son, and furry menagerie.



WHACKED by Scott Stephen Kegler

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A truly hilarious Thanksgiving farce by Carl Cannella

When I saw this play I was instantly struck at how true to life it is; slightly naughty but incredibly insightful about how much the holidays bring out The Crazy in all of us. The family dynamics at work here are so true, viewers can't help but see their own families on stage and laugh that much harder for it. This hysterical show is perfect for theaters looking for something a little different to perform for the holiday season. Definitely more adult than your average holiday piece, it smartly utilizes a single set to brilliant comedic effect. Not a single character is wasted, with every member of the small cast getting memorable moments to truly shine. Like the best farce this is one that stays with you long after the curtain falls, and manages to be just as funny on repeat viewings. What a treat!

Wrong, Awkward, and Hysterical by M. Bailey

I saw this play during its debut run in New Britain, Connecticut, and I can say that this show is plain wrong, which I absolutely mean as a compliment.  This show is not for audience with gentle, clean-cut sensibilities. It's gleefully, unabashedly smutty and delights in generating uncomfortable situations that will at times make you feel guilty for laughing -- but you'll laugh anyway, and then wonder if and how it could possibly get worse...by which I mean, funnier and weirder. The third act has a completely out-of-left-field "WTF?" moment that propels the finale into complete and utter ridiculousness. Again, a compliment.

I saw this play and I was laughing along with... by E. Tetreault
I saw this play and I was laughing along with the rest of the audience the whole time. I hope it comes around again.

I saw this play numerous times and found it to be not only funny every single time by Tarynon

Absolutely hilarious from start to finish. WHACKED captures awkward family dynamics perfectly. Anyone who reads or sees this play can certainly relate when it comes to sharing holidays with the family. I saw this play numerous times and found it to be not only funny every single time, but each time I would catch new snippets of dialogue I had missed before. A great read and an even greater production to put on. Love love love!

Very well crafted and just plain funny by Philon
Not only have I read this play, I have seen it. Whether alone or in a theater full of people, I laughed out loud. The author knows farce and knows the middle American family, which explains why the other people in that full theater I mentioned were also laughing. If you enjoy reading plays, "WHACKED" is an excellent choice. If you produce plays, "WHACKED" is certainly worthy of your consideration.

A brilliant comedy! by David F. Guy

Without a doubt, the funniest play I've seen in a LONG time. A hysterical glimpse into family/holiday dynamics.

Never laughed so hard in my life! by Kimon
Hysterical! I saw this on opening night and never laughed so hard in my life! EXcellent!!

Comic genius! by Delaney

The hilarity lasted through a second and even third viewing.

Need a good laugh?
by Patricia E. Bruhnon

The funniest play I have ever read or seen!!

Tear-jerkingly funny. by Alyson

"WHACKED" is probably the most hilarious thing I've seen in recent memory. Pure, joyful entertainment.



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