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A Whore's Prayer by R.M. Keller

ISBN #1-933159-23-5

Cast Requirements:

  • JEAN: A very small woman, no more than about 5’ 2“. She is very plain in looks. Mid-40s.
  • GRETA: British. Tall and beautiful. Very aggressive. Mid-30s
  • DALLAS: British. Tall and handsome. Mid-30s.

The Setting

A sparsely furnished New York City loft.  December 23, current Year. A large Christmas tree is lit.

Plot Summary

People throughout time have used people for many difference reasons.  Money. Security. Loneliness. It is universal. Jean, Greta and Dallas are three such people. They all have their needs. They all have their excuses. Nobody is being hurt. Unless love enters.  Dallas married Greta at a very young age, both without the skill and/or talent to earn a living… so Dallas does what he does best—take care of women in need. When the play opens, Dallas lives in New York with Jean. They’ve been together for five years. Jean is a film producer who spends most of her time working. She pays all of the living expenses for Dallas, and subsequently, Greta.  It is Christmas time and Greta is visiting Dallas and Jean for the holidays.  Greta has become worried about the length of time that Dallas has been with Jean. She needs to protect her future. She wants security. She wants money. Maybe, she wants Dallas. The future of each is a stake when the suspect becomes the known.

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