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Ali and the Magic Lamp by Tracy Krauss

JAC #2014-0004


Cast of Characters

Flexible cast of 13-20+ Requires 7F, 1M� All others non gender specific

  • ALI: Skater girl

  • PRINCE RASHID: Heir to the throne

  • SULTANA: The Prince�s overbearing mother

  • GENIE: Rambling gift-granter with an attitude

  • MORGIANA: Evil sorceress wants to take over the world

  • PRINCESS: Very spoiled and self centered

  • SHIRA BAJIRA: Ali�s mother � works hard and likes to complain about it

  • HAROUN: Orphaned street waif that works for Houssein (female)

  • HOUSSEIN: Evil merchant, but not too bright

  • CALLIEL: Bumbling servant in the palace

  • CASSIM: Calliel�s sidekick � not too smart

  • THE CARPET*: Small part in Act II

  • MERCHANT*: One scene only in Act I

  • ORACLE*: Small part in Act II

  • SARINA*: The Princess�s personal servant

  • BO PEEP*: Appears once at the very end

* can easily be doubled or used as extras

  • EXTRAS: (double)
    MARKET SCENE: Merchants, entertainers
    GALA SCENE: Guests, dragon

Production Notes
The original production of �Ali and the Magic Lamp� used a two-tiered set with a balcony above and three entrances on the main stage (Left, Right and Center). Extras in the market scene, Gala scene, etc. also worked as stage hands to bring on simple furnishings and props to signify each space. Dressed in turbans, scarves and other appropriate clothing, these transitions need not be masked, but added an interesting carnival atmosphere to the show when choreographed and done to music. As well, stage left flats used to create the set spun around to create two different interiors. This would not be necessary, however. A fog machine, gobos, spot light and other special lighting effects were useful additions, but again, not necessary. Smaller parts can be easily doubled. Extras needed for market, dragon and gala scenes.



Ali and the Magic Lamp puts a fresh, modern spin on the classic tale. In this comedic version, Ali is a skateboarding girl who just wants to be treated like an equal. Unfortunately, her mother has other plans. On her way to the market to pick out a new dress for Prince Rashid�s upcoming ball, Ali inadvertently frees Genie � a rambling fashionista with attitude. Meanwhile, Prince Rashid, obsessed with his gaming habits, is also tired of living up to other people�s expectations. He runs away and meets Ali, who promises to help him on his �quest� � a series of tests he must pass before becoming the next Sultan. The plot twists just keep coming as the evil Morgiana infiltrates the palace, the street waif Haroun and her cruel master Houssein try to steal the lamp, the Oracle reveals some surprising family revelations, and the bumbling palace servants � Calliel and Cassim � risk their lives to save the Prince. Other than the �Genie in the lamp�, this play is unique in its plot, characters and outcome, while addressing relevant issues.
Running time: 90 minutes

Ali and the Magic Lamp by Tracy Krauss

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Author Biography

Tracy Krauss is a prolific author with several romantic suspense novels and stage plays in print. She is also an artist, director and teacher. She holds a B.Ed degree from the University of Saskatchewan and, after raising four children, now resides in British Columbia, Canada. Visit Krauss' Author Page on Amazon.com!  Visit Tracy online!


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