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Hook's Nemesis by Tracy Krauss

ISBN #1-60513-242-X
JAC #2013-0017


Cast of Characters
(8 females / 3 males. All other parts are non-gender specific)

  • CAPTAIN HOOK: Phobic control freak with issues (Her mother always wanted a boy…)

  • DR. ANNA LIZE: Hook’s resident therapist

  • MAMA HOOK: Hook’s overbearing Mother (guess where Hook gets the issues…)

  • SCHMEE*: ‘Three Stooges’ style – the bossy one

  • SCHMUCK*: The extra dumb one of the threesome

  • SCHMOO*: Usually not listening – a bit of a stoner

  • PETER PAN: Spoiled boy who can’t face reality; Hook’s arch nemesis

  • WENDY: A ‘valley girl'

  • JJ: Studious & a neat freak – a bit of a nerd

  • MICKIE: A bit lazy & whiny - always hungry

  • MRS. DARLING*: Snobbish socialite that likes to be in charge

  • MR. DARLING*: Reserved and quiet

  • MISS NANA: Eccentric but loveable housekeeper and nanny

  • TINKERBELLE: Mischievous and envious fairy

  • PRINCESS TIGER LILY*: Brave daughter of the chief

  • CHIEF OOGA BOOGA*: Peter’s ally & leader of the warriors

  • ANTONIO THE COOK*: European accent and territorial when it comes to the galley

  • TOOTLES*: One of the lost boys

  • NIBS*: One of the lost boys

  • CURLY*: One of the lost boys

  • Extras

    • LOST BOYS*: As many non speaking parts as desired

    • HOOK’S CREW*: One small part easily doubled; other non speaking

    • CHIEF’s WARRIORS*: One small speaking part; easily doubled with other cast

      * may be doubled


So… you think you know Captain Hook? Well, think again! Hook is actually a neurotic female. Her personal psychiatrist, Dr. Anna Lize, is on board and ready to take on Hook’s tantrums, not to mention mediate between Hook and her manipulative cougar of a mother. Add to the cast a ridiculous crew including a ‘Three Stooges’ style trio who bumble their way through multiple foibles; Antonio, Hook’s personal French chef who feels his culinary skills are going to waste; Chief Ooga Booga, the object of Mama Hook’s desire; and a bored but capable modern Wendy, and you’ve got a recipe for madcap fun. And what about Peter? He saves the day, of course, but not without the help of Super Nanny, the Darling family’s quirky babysitter who turns out to be a super hero. Expect the unexpected in this full-length play based on the classic “Peter Pan”.

HOOK’S NEMESIS is a modern adaptation that takes a familiar story and turns it upside down – with audience approved results. It requires a flexible cast of 20+, with lots of potential for extras and doubling. Running time: ~90 minutes


Production Notes
The first production of Hook’s Nemesis had a run time of ~90 minutes. The stage was set as a pirate ship with a large mast, upper deck and rigging etc. To accommodate different locations, three sided flats were used. One side was painted with port holes as the interior of the ship, another was wallpapered, and the other was jungle greenery. During scene changes, the ‘pirate crew’ came out for the change. Simple props or furnishings were also sometimes added, again by the pirate crew.  There is a lot of opportunity to ‘ham it up’ especially with Schmee, Schmuck and Schmoo. Watching old Three Stooges videos and then carefully choreographing their antics added to the comic effect. Extra crew members doubled with the warriors. The addition of a fly system, although fun, is not necessary. There is really only one opportunity for Peter to swoop in, during the fight scene, and it is quite effective to just have him run on stage or jump out of hiding. In the original production, we chose to outfit the Chief and his warriors in a South Pacific vein - Polynesian or Hawaiian. Wendy is a totally modern teenager – no night gowns please! The rest can be as traditional or otherwise as desired. Miss Nana is a definite crowd pleaser. The frumpier the better before revealing her true identity.  Have fun with this production!


About this Playwright

Tracy Krauss is a prolific author with several romantic suspense novels and stage plays in print. She is also an artist, director and teacher. She holds a B.Ed degree from the University of Saskatchewan and, after raising four children, now resides in British Columbia, Canada.  Visit Krauss' Author Page on Amazon.com!   Visit Tracy online!

Hook's Nemesis by Tracy Krauss

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