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The Western Tale by Tracy Krauss

ISBN #1-60513-181-4
JAC #2012-0037


Cast of Characters
Flexible cast of 10 to 20+ (Required: 6M/4F - There are many opportunities for doubling/tripling if necessary)

  • OTTO: Snake oil salesman and con man

  • BIG LEO: Powerful ranch owner

  • RAMONA: Leo’s wife

  • DOC XAVIER: Leo’s long time friend

  • HANK: Leo’s foreman

  • GUS: Another of Leo’s hired hands

  • PAULINA: Housekeeper for Leo and Ramona

  • *YOUNG MAX: – Leo’s young son (child’s part)

  • *OLDER MAX: Leo’s son grown up

  • *SHERIFF ROSCO: Cowering law man

  • *DEPUTY: No lines (optional)

  • *ROY: A cowboy (Comic relief)

  • *JUDGE COB: Appears twice

  • *TOOTSIE: A saloon girl

  • *WOOTSIE: Another saloon girl

  • *BEAR: Definitely a role to be doubled

  • *MRS. O’RILEY: Pearl’s step mother and a squatter’s wife

  • *CLETUS: O’Riley’s less than intelligent son

  • *PEARL: Leo’s daughter

  • *FELIX: Xavier’s son

  • *EXTRAS: Crowd during trial; Festival goers; Bar tender

Production Notes
In the original production there was a simple interior set upstage with a left, right and center entrance. Outdoor scenes, including the spring festival, were placed downstage. The saloon was set up down left, while the train platform and jail were played down right. The bear attack took place down centre. There are many opportunities for doubling, since many characters from the two States do not cross paths. Although this was done with a High School cast, the subject matter lends itself well to adult theatre.


The Bard goes cowboy – a two-act play that is anything but the typical western. This loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale has a western setting, characters and theme. In the play, Big Leo and Doc Xavier have been friends since boyhood, until Big Leo’s suspicious nature convinces him his wife, Ramona, and the Doc are having an affair. Following the original story line, he takes her to court where she collapses – apparently dead. He banishes her newly born baby in the wilderness to die, but his loyal ranch hand, Gus, secretly saves the child who is raised by some local squatters. Fast forward sixteen years, and ‘Pearl’ (Leo’s daughter) falls in love with Doc Xavier’s son. You can guess the rest… In the end, Leo repents, Ramona reappears, everyone is reunited and they all live happily ever after. True to the original Shakespearean version, the play is a comedy but there are also some dark dramatic moments. The famous ‘bear scene’ remains, and Father Time has been transformed into a traveling ‘snake oil salesman’ named Otto, who also functions as the narrator. Running time – 80 minutes.


About this Playwright

Tracy Krauss is a prolific author with several romantic suspense novels and stage plays in print. She is also an artist, director and teacher. She holds a B.Ed degree from the University of Saskatchewan and, after raising four children, now resides in British Columbia, Canada.  Visit Krauss' Author Page on Amazon.com!   Visit Tracy online!

The Western Tale by Tracy Krauss

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