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The Fabulous Imbecile by Michael Legge

ISBN #1-933159-37-5


  • ARTIE: Middle-aged. A nervous novice.
  • ANNIE: A young, no-nonsense stage manager. Tart-tongued.
  • RICHARD JAGGER: Middle-aged. The theater company’s resident director. Long-suffering (but who isn’t in theater?).
  • MONTY DROSS: Middle-aged. High-strung. Recovering from a nervous breakdown.
  • STACY TRUMBELL: Any age. A first-time reporter who can’t believe her luck at being on the scene of a fiasco.
  • FLO REPOZA: Senior citizen. A veteran of the stage and somewhat grand. Prone to fainting spells.
  • MAX GROVER: Senior citizen. An old friend of Flo’s. A high-priced executive in the entertainment world.
  • GRANT POWERS: 30s. Tall, good-looking, with an athletic build (although a slight paunch is permissible.) Loud, cocky and completely self-centered at first. Somewhat softened in his attitude by the end.
  • AL: A young man. Chauffeur. Unassuming. A nice guy.
  • BELINDA: A young ingenue type. Small and pretty. Not really stupid, just in her own little world.
  • HEIDI: Middle-aged. Artie’s wife. Bossy, direct and not impressed with Grant (at all).

The Setting
The scene is the backstage area of the East Pocket Community Players. There are several raw flats forming three sides which jut out. A door is on the SR side of the flats and a double terrace door is center. There is enough space for actors to go out "on stage." The back wall where the “audience” sits is black. In the backstage area is a table and chair at right, with table lamp and notebooks. There is a microphone that connects to the theater loudspeaker system. There are several chairs where actors can sit. Another door left leads to the dressing rooms and outside.

Plot Summary
A small community theater group, The Pocket Players, are excited by the home coming of local boy made good, Grant Powers. Grant has become a famous movie star specializing in action films, and he has agreed to do his home town a favor by appearing in a new play written by local playwright, Monty Dross. It's also a publicity stunt for Grant, who is trying to legitimize himself as a serious actor. Unfortunately his arrogant and crude demeanor hasn't changed over the years and he quickly antagonizes the entire theater company. To top it off, even though he's had the script in his possession ahead of time, he didn't bother to learn his lines, and was unable to show up for rehearsals. The play's director, Richard and his stage manager, Annie try to make the best of a bad situation, as they come up with schemes to make Grant not look like an idiot. Chaos ensues during the performance, driving Monty the playwright over the edge of sanity, along with the rest of the cast. Once the shambles of a play is cut short, Grant makes what little peace he can with the cast, and an unexpected twist at the end comes from an audience member.

Author Biography

Headshot (75662 bytes)As he says himself, Michael Legge has been a film maker, playwright, actor and director for "too many years."  He is the Artistic Director of the Medway (MA) Players and prides his group on the fact that they prefer to stage unpublished works and new plays.  When he can't do that, he searches for old, obscure plays that no one else does.  Shake-A-Spear is his first published play.  His previous plays include Shake A Spear, and Memoirs of a Gorilla.  He is currently working on a new play, Time Was.

Legge is also the head of his own production company, Sideshow Cinema, which has been producing no budget feature length comedies for 20 years.  His movies, Honey Glaze, Braindrainer, Loons and Cutthroats are all available on DVD and can be easily found online.  His newest movie, Democrazy, was released in January'05. 

Michael has no plans to "grow up" anytime soon.

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Have you also seen Legge's full-length plays Shake-A-Spear and Time Was?

The Fabulous Imbecile was first performed in August 2003. The production was directed by Michael Legge and featured:
  • Artie: Tom Motekitis
  • Annie: Kirsten Raymond
  • Richard Jagger: James Porter
  • Monty Dross: BJ McCoy
  • Stacy Trumbell: Linda Wright-Robison
  • Flo Repoza: Bunny Porter
  • Max Grover: Charles Cormier
  • Grant Powers: Eric Borgman
  • Al: Steve Buja
  • Belinda: Lynda Slocomb
  • Heidi: Rose Marie Lyon
Fabulous Imbecile
Linda Robison (kneeling); (L-R) Jim Porter, Eric Borgman, Tom Motekitis
Fabulous Imbecile
(L-R) Eric Borgman, Bunny Porter, Tom Motekitis, Jim Porter (kneeling)
Fabulous Imbecile
(L-R) Kirsten Raymond, Jim Porter, Eric Borgman

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