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Time Was by Michael Legge

ISBN #1-60513-009-5
JAC #2008-00


  • GIMMICKS: “Other”-worldly narrators
  • RON SLUG: A middle-aged man, currently out of work and not happy about it.
  • DINA SLUG: Ron’s wife. Pretty much supporting the family by working at Monster Mart. Excitable, but adds a reasonable balance to Ron’s outbursts.
  • CHRISTIANA: The Slug’s daughter. A goth-type 20-something. Kicked out of college. Aimless in life. She gets excited by the weird happenings in their home.
  • KURT: The Slug’s son. A nerdy slacker, big on loony conspiracy theories.
  • NANCY: Dina’s sister. A middle-aged physics teacher at the local college. She seems sweet and reasonable, but as time goes on, we see an opportunist at work.
  • LAINE EDWARDS: A tv psychic. Calm, controlled—not at all flamboyant parapsychologist.
  • ABE: The father of the “other” family. Somewhat crude, grumpy. Completely bewildered with the situation.
  • MARION: Abe’s wife. A sedate housewife type. Seems timid but starts to show some backbone with the situation.
  • JANIS: Abe and Marion’s daughter. Scared of whatever is going on.
  • JERRY: Abe and Marion’s son. More petulant and nervier than his sister.

The Setting

The living room of the Slug Family.

Plot Summary

Ron Slug, an unemployed husband with a wife and two kids, brings home a dented satellite television dish, which he got on discount along with four months of free service. Once he puts the dish on the roof, odd things start to happen. People appear and disappear in the house. Initially, Ron is the only one who sees them. Eventually, the kids see and speak to other kids.  Ron’s wife, Dina, calls in her sister Nancy, a physics teacher, to talk to Ron privately. Nancy brings along her friend, a parapsychologist named Laine Edwards, who is called in to see if the house is infested with spirits. At this point, things go completely haywire as another family from a different time period appear to claim that the house is theirs.  Time Was is a sci-fi comedy for our time...or any time.Author Biography

Headshot (75662 bytes)As he says himself, Michael Legge has been a filmmaker, playwright, actor and director for "too many years."  He is the Artistic Director of the Medway (MA) Players and prides his group on the fact that they prefer to stage unpublished works and new plays.  When he can't do that, he searches for old, obscure plays that no one else does.  Shake-A-Spear is his first published play.  His previous plays include Shake A Spear, and Memoirs of a Gorilla.  Legge is also the head of his own production company, Sideshow Cinema, which has been producing no budget feature length comedies for 20 years.  His movies, Honey Glaze, Braindrainer, Loons and Cutthroats are all available on DVD and can be easily found online.  His newest movie, Democrazy, was released in January'05.  

Michael has no plans to "grow up" anytime soon.

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