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Patriarch by Bob Mahnken


ISBN #1-933159-78-2

(Ages are approximate: what matters is the relative age of all the characters)

  • JACK, 55 - The patriarch, who must constantly juggle fact and fiction to make sure
    his family thrives;
  • KATE, 50 - Jack's ex-wife, mother to Michael and George, who seems to have
    dominion over the family no matter what shape it takes;
  • LUCY, 35 - Jack's current wife; mother to Amanda; awash in tranquilizers and drink; who has a secret she thinks she's been hiding for a long time;
  • LAUREN, 25 - Jack's assistant, who either has an agenda of her own or is part of someone else's, whose tension derives from not knowing which;
  • MICHAEL, 25 - A young man coming to grips with ongoing revelations about who's who in his family, and who isn't;
  • GEORGE, 16 - A teenage boy constantly questioning the nature of identity and relationships, especially with respect to the structure of his dysfunctional family;
  • AMANDA, 15 - The teenage girl George is in love with, who is sort of his step-sister, as far as he knows, and who seems as overwhelmed by their family dynamic as he is.


Low-budget, self-made independent businessman Jack Amherst, his wives and his children are all under one roof this weekend, waiting for the arrival of the bastard who ties them all more closely together than they know. On the surface, all is chaos; but are these seemingly random events part of a larger plan? And if so, whose?

The Setting

A porch roof and a duplex kitchen in a city or town near you.

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