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Anita's War by George Matry Masselam

JAC #2006-0032
ISBN #1-933159-82-0

The Cast

  • SENATOR HART – A 64-year-old man; a U.S. Senator

  • ANITA - A 42-year-old woman; an ultrasound technologist

  • MICHAEL: A 21-year-old man; a U.S. soldier

This play can be done multi-racially, and with varying genders.  Act I of this play can also be performed independently as a one-act!


A U.S. Senator, an ultrasound technologist and recovered alcoholic from Arizona / Chicago, and a soldier in Iraq are three generations in a family. Not all are aware of the their kinship. There are too many lies between them, which leads to tragic results. This play explores self-deception, the omission of the truth, and addiction, which in this case leads inexorably to self-loathing and then self-destruction.


The Setting

The play has many scenes in various locations. The set is a bare stage with only a suggestion of the locations, costumes or props. Anita’s War is about Anita, Michael and the Senator—their relationships and the dialogue between them.


George Matry MasselamAuthor Biography

George Matry Masselam has had three full-length plays produced including Alone Together, which was also short-listed for the Selection Committee at the O’Neill Playwrights Conference in Waterford (CT), and A Thin Thread, which was directed by Charles Werner Moore at Brandeis University in Waltham (MA). He has also had one-acts and short plays produced at the Ritalin Readings and Theatre Diversified at the Theatre Cooperative in Somerville (MA), The Pregnant Chad New Plays Festival 2004 in Cornwall-on-Hudson (NY), The Playwrights Platform Summer Festival in Boston (MA), the Arlington Friends of the Drama Short Works Festival in Arlington (MA), the Hovey Summer Shorts Festival in Waltham (MA), The Image Theater in Lowell (MA), and at Brandeis University.  Masselam received his MFA from Brandeis University and has two wonderful and unusually gifted daughters.

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Anita's War by George Matry Masselam

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