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Can't Find a Dry Ball by Garret Mathews

ISBN #1-60513-047-8

The Cast
  • NETTIE STEELE: A pitcher in his early 20s who lacks confidence. Anticipating his season will not be a success, he takes notes for a book about his baseball summer.
  • BECKA: The team’s trainer in her early 20s who is the lone female in a sea of guys who don’t always behave well.
  • JEREMY: The deeply religious shortstop in his early 20s who walks down the third-base line during an at-bat and asks the manager if he’s ready for the Rapture.
  • MARK THOMAS: The hard-charging right-fielder in his early 20s who plays like a member of Special Forces. All the Otters have the dream of being signed by an affiliated team, but with Thomas it’s more of an obsession.
  • RADIO REPORTER: The seen-it-all media guy in his 30s who initially treats the players with contempt, but gradually grows to respect them.
  • PINK PANSY: The right-fielder in his early 20s who, at first, doesn’t take baseball seriously. He pretends to be a flaming homosexual who would rather moonlight as a professional wrestler.
  • DAN SHAW: Recorded voice of the Team Manager.


Author Biography
Garret Mathews writes the Metro column for the Evansville, Indiana Courier & Press. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including First Place - National Society of Newspaper Columnists, 1999 and Scripps-Howard Columnist of the Year, 1999. His previous books include Baseball Days; Swing Batta; They Came To Play; and Past Deadlines, Past Lives.

Interested?  Mathews also penned Can't Find a Dry Ball: The Evansville Otters on the Lowest Rung of Baseball (Albion Books) - Mathews spent the entire season with the Evansville Otters of the Frontier League. His book is full of humor and pathos as he chronicles the dreams and hopes and frustrations of the players and coaches who are at the end of their major league dreams. Garret’s observations take the reader from the dugout to the bullpen and off the field, too, for a remarkable chronicle of life in the minors. It’s Bull Durham come to life, with real players and real situations.

Can't Find a Dry Ball

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