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We Are the Beltanes by Franklin Newman

ISBN #1-60513-097-4
JAC #2011-0001

Cast of Characters

  • DR. KARYN BELTANE: Matriarch of the Beltane Family and Coven. A doctor. English.
  • ARTIGOL (Artie): Karynís grandson, a young boy of about 10. American/English immigrant.
  • LT. RYAN BELTANE: Karynís second husband and Grandfather to Artigol. A dedicated police officer. English.
  • ROWENA BELTANE: Karynís only sister. English.
  • GILDA WOODLAWN: A rising Afro-British fashion designer. English.
  • DR. KYLIE MORIARTY: Karyn assistant and protťgť; sheís a high-functioning autistic, and a distant relative and part of the Coven. Kylie always wears green and has wild crimson hair. English.
  • SEAMUS: Karynís abusive, alcoholic ex-husband, and Father of Sebastian, Keith and Glorianna. Irish.
  • SEBASTIAN BELTANE (Older): Karynís eldest son. Highly ranked British flight officer. English.
  • SEBASTIAN BELTANE (Younger): Karynís eldest son shown in flashback.
  • GLORIANNA BELTANE (Older): Karynís eldest child, and Artigolís mother. To say sheís ďtroubledĒ would be kind.
  • GLORIANNA BELTANE (Young): Karenís eldest child in flashback. A young girl of about 12. English/American immigrant.
  • KEITH BELTANE (Older): Karynís youngest son, a computer engineer for a major corporation. English.
  • KEITH BELTANE (Younger): Karynís son shown in flashback; a young boy of about 7.
  • BESS LIVINGSTON: Keithís fiance, a Jamaican immigrant the familyís never met before. Jamaican.
  • LIAM: A waiter. English.
  • CATHRYN BELTANE: Sebastianís only child, a young of about 6. English.
  • STEVE MORIARTY: Kylieís husband. He is an American who moved to England when he married Kylie. Took Kylieís name in marriage. He likes to wear Western boots and hats. American/English immigrant.
  • AGNYS ATHENA BELTANE: The youngest of Karynís children; Ryanís only biological child. English.
  • THE GODDESS: Mistress of the religion. All of the Beltanes except Glorianna, follow.
  • FAYE MORIARTY: Kylieís daughter, a young girl of about 3. (Pretty much uninvolved except one scene.) English.
  • FATHER MORIARTY: Kylieís brother, also autistic; an Anglican priest. He always wears purple and wild crimson hair. English.
  • SARAH WILLOPPS: An African-American musician and actress who served with Kylie in the British navy. They have been best friends for years. She is famous all over England, considered a European rising star. American/English immigrant.
  • DRUSILLA LIVINGSTON: Bessí mother. Karyn flew her to London from Jamaica, to witness Bessí wedding day. Jamaican.

Plot Summary

Karynís ex-husband, Seamus, and her ostracized, drug-addicted daughter, Glorianna, do whatever they can, including disrupting the holidays and a family wedding, in their efforts to kidnap Gloriannaís son, Artigol. But no powers on earth (and beyond) will allow this to occur.

The Setting

PLAYWRIGHTíS NOTE: Rather than pinpointing each set piece and/or costume, discretion is left to each producing agency with the request to bear in mindó when designing the sets, dressing and costumes, pay special mind to the nature of the Beltane familyís background. All choices should be rich in greens and earth-tones, accentuated with Wiccan theme and sense. Rich greens should be prominent. Plant life in everything from decorations to wallpapers, etc. Remaining true to the lifestyle best keeps the play itself more realistic.  Also, it is recommended that the primary settings be in the Beltane houseó the sitting room and the kitchen, where many of the scenes and action take place. Other locations, such as the clinic, the restaurant, and Seamusí house might be easier to be taking downstage or aside with lighting to establish a different time and place, without having to engage in a full set change for each shift.

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We Are the Beltanes by Franklin Newman

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