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The Crayon Jungle by Lorna Nogueira

ISBN #1-933159-24-3
JAC #2005-0020


  • GISELLE: 20s-30s
  • ESMERELDA: 6 or 7
  • MARCO MacMEEKEN: 30s-40s
  • SUNNY DOWNHOPE: 30s-40s
  • DEB: 40s-60s
  • ROSE: 30s-60s
  • JANINE: 30s-50s
  • MATILDA: 20s-30s
  • *ELKE/ENNIS FIELDING: 40s (to any age). The housekeeper.
  • GODFREY: 30s-50s

*The character of Elke is also Ennis Fielding. Her disguise should be convincing but not necessarily elaborate - likewise her accent. Elke should be believable as well as comic.

The Setting

A day care facility lodged in the insurance company of MacMeeken and Sons.

Plot Summary

The lunatics are in charge of the asylum—or in this case, Wee Folk Day Care. Naieve Giselle gets a job at the facility and unknowingly enters the fray. Teachers squabbling, a boss from hell, and the mysterious disappearance of the former director are only a few of the challenges Giselle faces. Add a wily 7-year-old and a housekeeper with an attitude and the precarious mix eventually tumbles into farcical disarray. By the end, you’re sure to find yourself wondering who are the children and who are the adults in this warm-hearted comedy.

LNogueira.jpg (620609 bytes)Author Biography
Lorna Nogueira studied theater at the University of Massachusetts in Boston.  In addition to plays, she has written and shot short films including an examination of the relationship between Captain Kirk and his first mate Spock in 'Stand by Your Vulcan'.   Crayon Jungle was first produced by the Medway Players where her newest play, 'Hell's Kitchen', is currently in rehearsals.  Ms. Nogueira directs and acts in Boston area theaters. Among her favorite directing experiences was a production of 'The Innocents' based on Henry James' novella 'The Turn of the Screw'.  Her favorite roles include Blanche Dubois in 'Streetcar Named Desire', Officer Reggie Fluty in 'The Laramie Project' and Dame Laurentia McLachlan in 'Best of Friends'.  She has also acted in several films directed by independent movie-maker Michael Legge.

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In the Original Productionů

Directed by Michael Legge
  • Suzanne Taylor: Giselle
  • Phyllis Weaver: Elke/Ennis Fielding
  • Celia Taylor: Esmerelda
  • Stacy Armstrong: Sunny
  • Steve Buja: Marco
  • Demetra Orfanos: Deb
  • Bunny Porter: Janine
  • Lu Sutherland: Rose
  • Lynda Slocomb: Matilda
  • Jim Porter: Godfrey
  • Lois Taylor: Childrens' voices

Also in the original production, Legge chose cartoon show theme music for scene change and pre-show sound and found this selection enhanced the play.



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